Don’t Forget These Fine Quests!!

My assassin marks my 2nd time completely through Gorowyn and Timorous Deep. For new players as well as experienced players this zone is a must and honestly, by not starting a toon in here your gimping yourself to a certain extent. Also, let me say that if your the type of person who like to twink their toon at a fairly early age, don’t.

I equipted my assasin’s Blackened Iron gear only to be disgusted and switch back over to my quested stuff! Finally, a break from Evercraft and getting to quested gear that has some value. And in all sincerity RoK really gave out some great quested gear in general.

The other thing I wanted to do is give you a quick list of some quests, I may have missed had it not been for my wife’s ever watchful eye.

I’ve got the names and links to 4 of them. One I couldn’t remember the name of but, when you first leave the very beginning area and you go up the ramp to where there are little lizards, carnivorous plants and raptors. You know where I’m talking about? I knew you did.

There is a huge carnivorous plant on the left hand side. It’s the one that slows you if you get close to it. If you pull a Raptor close to it, the plant will eat the raptor and it’s carcass will offer you a quest. Just a quick turn in.

Here’s 4 more quick, easy to miss quests with links back to Wikia. Hope theses help your noobs out 🙂

Vethka the Gorger ~ mounted fish reward
A Semi-Important Artifact
A Curious Carcass ~ do you want to pet my monkey?
The Tomb of the Shadow Lords ~ Legendary cloak at level 13ish?

I left TD all together at level 21 and a fantastic amount of AA’s (I can’t remember exactly how many). The only thing I do need to note is that, for my Scout, I had my off had with slashing. The delay was 3 seconds and that slowed up his slashing skill considerably. The weapon itself hit hard, had great stats but, too slow to get up your skill. When I realized it, I was already gimped and my off hand would barely hit anything. I switched over to 1.6 second delay weapons and am still trying to catch up.

Anyways, happy hunting!


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