Back to work with my days off behind me. Before I get to my update on what I did this weekend, I need to point out what I think is the biggest EQ2 news as of late. Tipa has a big hunch on what the next exansion is going to be. There’s alot of nay-sayers out there but, personally I’m excited.

Also, I wanted to point out Greg Spence’s blog. Any time I hear people blasted the Dev’s and saying they are slackers I always think of his site. Maybe he doesn’t post regularly but, he usually give’s tidbits of what he’s working on. Did he say GUILD HALL?

I spent Monday nite with some guildies in the Shard of Fear. I was trying to get updates for my Epic. We wandered around for quite along time. Since I didn’t have a map for it and noone in group had ever spent any real time in the zone we were fairly lost. I managed 2 updates and more deaths than a zone full of green heroic mobs should cause.

Before I logged in the next day, the wife and I hit google and found a map of the zone by Brasse. Wow, her maps are fantastic. Forget EQ2, if your into map’s go check her’s out. Brilliant!

After printing out the map, the rest was fairly cake. No death’s, just slam, bam, wham, Done! With the time of night we were at, the experience with my next zone (VoES, which I haven’t been in) and our healer double boxing a ranger, I felt that step would have to wait. We agreed to give it a shot the next night.

The next night however, my assassin held my attention. I’ve pretty much played him Wednesday and Thursday heavily. Coupled with the wife’s bruiser, we have pretty much been full throttle speed killing. I’ve got him up to level 24 and a level 20 Weaponsmith.

After finishing the TD quests from the starter zone, he became a Freeport Citizen. Gorowyn, while visually appealing, is a little too confusing for me and prefer to be somewhere I know better and that the lag wouldn’t kill me. We went and did the griffion quest in TS, then went for disco in Antonica, killing any green named on the way. Got and completed our Gnoll L&L, as well as the Gnoll language.

Afterwards, I zoned into Stormhold and did the 4 exploring quests that are offered in Antonica. I did notice a book that’s now in the library of Stormhold I never seen before. It was clickable and, much like The Doctor, I had to click it. It asked how I would seige a castle, I think I chose by force and then the book became attackable. I was invis so at least it didn’t aggro (was yellow mob at the time).


I got my Skellie L&L and completed that.

Next was back to the Commonlands, where it was Orc L&L/Language quest were completed. With less than an hour of game time left we ran through the Wailing Caves. Top level was grey to us, but once we started heading down they turned green. We found 5 names that needed to die and they dropped 3 Exquisites. Nothing we could really use but, hopefully will vend nicely.

In a nutshell that was about it. My assassin’s treasured drops all went to my transmuter. He’s slowly starting to level. I think he’s crunching is around 75ish.

The wife’s going out of town again this weekend to see her family in South Florida so, that leaves me wondering what I’m going to do. Guild is raiding, Pullo needs VoES and Maiden’s but, my Assasin is calling. I hate decisions.

Oh, one last thing. I found a blog called Ratwarlock. He give’s details on how he’s got his graphics set up for his average computer. As I have an average computer I was thinking I may give it a shot. Maybe you want to check it out. Also, if you scroll down he gives a quicker way to get into the test server than downloading the whole game over. Good stuff, good stuff.


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