I Love Playing With Smart People!

I know, your thinking, “Hey Crook, your off today, what are you doin writing a blog. You’re suppose to be off killing things.” And your absolutely right. I do feel bad not getting to write any yesterday (work was crazy) and every now and then I get excited and have to write.

If I blogged yesterday I was going to tell you about these Fabled shoulders I won. I know, they’re hot!!! Dropped somewhere out of the Shard of Hate.

But, last night, surprisingly enough, my Ratonga had a hair up his butt and wanted to knock out one of the two zones I have left on step 14 of my Epic Weapon. When I mentioned it in Guild, I was told that Vault of Eternal Sleep was pretty near impossible without having a good mezzer. And, just like Doctor Who, I love doing the near impossible.

So, my wife on her 80 Nercro, an 80 Mystic, 80 Bruiser, 80 Warden, 78 Guardian and me on my 80 Shadow Knight hit VoES. How’s that for a balanced group? Ha! 3 tanks, 2 healers and 1 DPS 8P. The group thought to let the Guardian tank as at 78 he had a few more HP’s than me. Which is fine, I’m fairly a take it or leave it kind of tanker. It’s not the tanking I mind so much, as I have a tough time single pulling in zone’s I’m unfamiliar with and that bugs me. I know, I know, I just have to deal with it but, last night the Guardian didn’t mind giving it a shot.

To top that off, only 2 people out of the group had even been through the zone. Why make the odds for the mobs fair?

First pull wiped us. I don’t remember the levels in there but 3 ^^ Ghosts and we got the roamer, which was ^^^. They pretty much pwned us. We took the wipe. On the replay, my wife wanted to make sure we took the roamer with the ^^ again. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what she was thinking but, we took the same 4 mobs.

Next thing I know, she has a new ^^^ pet and the 3 ^^ dropped faster than a Dwarf after a two week bender. Oh, schweet!!! Killed the 3 ^^, killed the ^^^. The whole zone pretty much went like that. Spring a trap, get a pet, kill, kill, kill!

I thought we made pretty good time to the first name. The Gooberhead of Dreams or something like that. By this time, the group had pretty much found a good rhythm for general mobs. So our confidence level was pretty high. We got the warning about Gooberhead of Dreams and his 2 AoE’s. 1 at 60% which will eat all of your power and one at 30% eating your health.

First attempt, I guess our timing was off and everyone lost power, and we wiped. I was asked to tank him on the second attempt. Sure thing! Same place, we still lost power and we all wiped.

Third time is the charm. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I didn’t even notice when the AE went off. I tried to time Death March right, but I also got my Mana Drain off and was popping Necro hearts like they were M&M’s. The fight started going and by the time the 2nd AE went off, the group was well on the other side of the room. Between the healers, healin’ and 3/4 of my spells heal me, Gooberhead was KO’ed and my wife walked away with a very nice hat.

We backtracked over to Gooberhead’s brother, the Nosepicker of Nightmare. Now you’d think that Nosepicker would be tougher than Gooberhead. But he wasn’t. He did bring adds. 1 of the 3 adds became a pet. The massive amounts of AE’s we were dropping sent 1 of the adds to the floor and Nosepicker was dead. Nice set of DPS chain arms dropped.

The Warden (who is also my SK’s Arch Nemesis and an all around awesome guy) asked if he could bring his Ranger in for the loot. Of course, no one minded and the group took 5.

After the break we ran back to try to get in the last room. It was then when we had our DOH moment and realized we had one more room before we hit the last room. So, kill kill kill we did and made our way there in record time.

By this time I was the full time tank. My wife was the reader and this worked out pretty well. If you haven’t read anything about this room, basically there are a bunch of non aggro golems sitting in a circle. When you walk in 1 will aggro. When he’s down to 0% health, someone has to read a book. That will kill the golem, and the next golem will instantly attack. For tanking I quickly realized that there are two tricks here. One, pull the golem towards the next spawn or the golem will interrupt the reader. Two, when the reader starts reading, that is an excellent time to let the AE’s fly.

I never had to fight for aggro for the newly spawned Golem. Hot! So we rinsed and repeated that cycle till we hit the named that’s at the end. This became much more a fight of power management than anything else. I think there were 5 or 6 golems till the named. Really, I don’t recall him doing anything special other than hitting hard.

But, take my cheese if that named didn’t drop this shield. SCHWING!!!

Give the Dev who designed that thing a raise. OMG, it’s fantastic!!! I’d use that thing for the graphic alone.

So, off to the last room. We hit the room and destroy the guardians in there easy enough. Last guy. I see the chest for my epic update in the corner. 1 named left to get to it. I pull him to the back of the room. Now, I sort of knew what to expect because, the Mystic explained it. But, I guess you have to see it to understand it.

I pull the named to the back of the room. and start fighting. He gets two skellies that pop. The two adds will wander up to the group, I think attack a little and heal the mob. It seemed like the encounter broke, reset and then everything repeats. First time, wipe.

Again I was reminded first, how you need a mezzer for the zone. Then, I was shown how smart my group mates are. Here is the strategy we came up with. Guardian starts off as tank, I get my epic update. The necro and the warden are in the back of the room where the 2 adds pop. When the add’s pop, they root the one that’s on their side of the room and keep rooting, and keep rooting. The mobs never got close enough to heal the named and the named turned into a little girl named Petunia.

He died quick. The adds were sissies and also dropped quick.

There were 3 drops out of that chest. A M1 Coercer spell, a Chestpiece of something for plate wearers and a cloak. I only rolled for the M1 spell which, I won. The wife won the cloak. The Guardian refused to roll for the Chest Piece saying if he won it, he’d just sell it cause he didn’t like the stats.

So I got the chest piece too. What a great nite of killing. The wife and I ended it by mailing the group money to cover their repair bill :-). Really I think there were only 5 wipes. I thought we were brilliant!


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