Customer Service from a Little One

Here’s my set up here.

So, the other day, while I was waiting for the people to log in and help me get my epic, I started decorating my Assassin’s apartment. Now adays, when I’m decorating, I will log in my poor, lower level carpenter and have him make everything he can for the decorating. Usually, I can get him up a level or two and I save some cabbage by making it myself.

But, my assassin is an impatient toon and honestly, I didn’t feel like crafting. So off to the Broker I go. I buy a bunch of stuff and when his apartment is done, I’ll post up some screenshots. Well, later that day, after being blown off 2 days in a row on getting my epic from the people that said they’d help. I was feelin pretty upset.

You got to hate being 2 kills away from finishing up a good quest to get a great item and everytime you ask people to help all you get is tomorrow. And then tomorrow comes, and oooo we forgot, or ooooooo I don’t feel like it, or ooooooo you logged in too late and I’m going to bed, we’ll do it tomorrow. And then, tomorrow comes and you can pick from the list above on the reason they use that time.

I kill by appointment. I’ll join your group and get behind your cause as long as I know about it in advanced. If I log in and you ask for help, honestly, odds are slim I’ll help. If you say, tomorrow, I need help with this at this time, I’m there. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it. There are times I forget, but a simple reminder that day fixes it.

Anyways, so, I was feeling upset about being blown off from finishing my epic and I noticed I had mail. What’s this? I didn’t mail myself anything. Why’d I get mail. So, I check it and comes to find out, it’s from the person who I bought alot of my decorating items from. They sent me a Potted Lily and a note that thanked me for visiting their munchkin emporium and hoped the lily would fit in with my decorating needs.

My jaw dropped. I don’t even get customer service like that in real life. And it takes some little gnome or halfling, scooting around Norrath is putting real life Consumer Service to shame making me feel not only like a valued customer but, in general making me feel better. All, with a quick little note and a freakin flower. Sure in reality, it was just an impassive, marketing ploy by some cunning umpah-loompah. But, at the same time, that little unexpected, pleasant surprise was made a huge difference in my attitude and over-all gaming experience that night.

When was the last time you stopped at Wal-Mart or even ordered something from McDonald’s where not only did you get the item you wanted and ordered but, you recieved a nice little extra and a thank you note, just because. Not an advertised promotion but a “just cause”. All I get from those company’s are automated surveys.

That was Awesome.


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