My Road to Sedition

That’s right. I finally finished the first half of my Epic Weapon Quest. Sedition is mine all mine!!!

I got in a PUG last night to go through Maiden’s Chamber. One of the guy’s who helped me from the guild Southern Cross was more than awesome. He had me dl and install Team Speak and hop on his guild’s Team Speak server and he walked me through tanking the whole zone.

The group’s make up was SK (tank), Wizzy, Necro, Swashy, Illy, and Temp. I’ve heard repeatedly how tough this zone is. This was another example of not believing everything you read. Zone was for the most part cake. The first named got rough. Well…he’s not tough just that pit stunk. Basically you pull the named into a corner. He’ll “Summon” people to the platform that you pulled him from. The trick here is that on the side closest that you need to go to get back to him, there is a pit full of mobs. Ewwwwwwwwww right!

First fight, we evaced out. I think everyone fell into the pit at least once. We regrouped, and came out with directions. If you get summoned go West off the platform and North back into the room. So easy a baby could do it.

Nothing else was intresting. Normal fights up until we got to right before the zone to Drusella’s Chamber. It was made very clear to me. This one will be mezzed, I was to keep aggro on the other two sisters, and I had to let them die in a particular order.

Simple enough. Bam done.

The chest to my epic was just to the left of Drusella. So, she had to die. I will say, as easy as the rest of the zone was, Drusella was probably the toughest mob I’ve ever tanked. For a few reasons. I’m sure most people who may read this already know about her. For those who don’t, you can only fight her for 10 second intervals. Something everyone was calling a “Cage” but it looks more like skeletal hands come out of the ground and cover her. When that happens, every time she takes damage, she heals 40k.

That stinks for an SK because that does limit the amount of taunts and buff’s I can use in general. Both generally have some kind of damage attached to them. And also, Jousting just stinks.

My other issue came from the Templar. As, I have limited taunts, my Templar seems to have unlimited heals. And was casting every single one, right off the bat. So, I pull the mob, taunt the mob, move it to my parking lot, and half way there the healer dies.

And this happened over, and over again. About the fifth time the group wiped and I believe the 9th for the healer, the Templar said, Look, I quit. We have to have a different tank. I apologized, and the Templar was nice enough to say, “It’s not you, it’s your class” OHHH THAT IRKS ME!

The guy who was guiding me said one more chance. Let Pullo (me) go 3 rounds with Drusella on my own. And only very light heals. 10 seconds on, 10 seconds off. The fight seemed to last forever. My health dipped extremely low quite a few times. I really think that the Templar was trying to teach the Shadow Knight his place. Let me explain how.

Finally, the ugly bitty Drusella went down. At the end parses, the Necro (my wife) parsed the most heals. I parsed 2nd. Templar came in last. Who needs a healer anyways.

Umbral Destoryer came as my last mob. Another rough time getting a group. Finally a few guildies and someone from our Alliance came to lend a hand. I couldn’t find any info on this mob, so that made me a bit nervous. In the end, I found that there was no information on the guy because, he was nothing special. Just tall. That was his most defining attribute. He had quite a few HP but, hit like a flower thrown into a window like a gentle breeze. I mean, a healer was a must, but really the full group I had may have been over kill.

Two more talky, talky parts and the quest was finished.

In retrospect, the quest wasn’t that hard. The very toughest part of it, was getting groups to go into some of these harder zones. I do need to thank my guildmates who helped and the odds and ends people from either my guilds alliances or the random PUG’s who were nice enough to help me or guide me.

Still, for as many people I see calling for groups and the amount that are willing to group with you seem fairly limited. I sent out calls for PUG’s almost every day for two days at several different times. No one would take the call.

Wonder what that means?


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