What’s RP about AB?

So after that munchkin experience I had. I decided to create a toon on an RP server. I’ve posted about it before. I have just wanted to learn the whole RP aspect of playing an MMO. First I tried to create a toon on Antonia Bayle.

Made my toon, yadda, yada. Log in, oooooooo a book, I never have gotten this book before. Blah, how to be a crafter. Okies…lets see what RP has to offer. From there I read this big huge conversation about X-Box and …well I dunno. Some kind of games, or problems.

As far as I know, Microsoft’s reach hasn’t made it to Norrath yet and I didn’t feel this helped with the immersion into the game or the character.

Log out.


Remake toon on Luclin. This server was better, at least at like 8 or 9PM at night. Server was quite in the 1-9 channel chat. Made sure I read the quests. I started in Faydwer, which I think I’ve only went all the way through once. Unfortunately, I never had the oppertunity to RP before the wife was tired of playing these lowbies.

Really, we’ve got a ton of lowbies all waiting to level and making more isn’t right. I’ll have to throw up my RP tag on Najena and see if I can maybe try over there.


One Response to “What’s RP about AB?”

  1. Openedge1 Says:

    Mistake 1:
    Leave 1-9 chat on in the first place…
    My whole guild has turned this off as it is strictly an open chat channel, and is NOT part of the RP world…
    Any RP server will be this way. Lucan can be the same…I just think it depends on the time of day is all.

    AB has grown so much due to it being the most popular, so yea…the a**hats exist as well as the many great people..

    If it had not been for AB…I would probably not be playing EQ2…

    Good luck to you

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