WoW and The Doctor

Well, I wish I could say I had some exciting news to report in the world of EQ2. Or at least exciting to me, as this is more of a journal than a news source.

My mother-in-law is in town and my gaming time has been cut back considerably. Weeeeeelllllll, I can still game but, it’s cut the wife’s gaming time down, and without her I usually can’t think of anything to do. So instead I’ve been filling the void with a trial of WoW and trying to catch up on the current season of doctor who / watching some old episodes.

My experiences in WoW haven’t been very wow. Made a Night Elf druid. Between the kazillion duel offers, and the countless Night Elf girls in their underwear trying to dance for coin (which I don’t mind but, my 10 year old son questions) the experience hasn’t been memorable.

Someone told me the Horde side was better. So my son and I rolled some cow people. I went to talk to the wife and my son told me he had to log out because someone kept trying to invite him into a guild repeatedly, even after he asked for them to stop.

I sat back at my puter and sure enough I was being spammed as well. My son got to learn about the /ignore command that is built into most games. We continued playing for the night more because of the “just cause” factor and not because the game grabbed our attention.

I’ll be happy to be back into Norrath again. While still having a fair amount of goobers, at least these goobers can usually A. take no for an answer B. knows the difference between PvP/PoE servers.

I know you’ll probably give me the ole “it’s the newbie area” bit on why the goobers are out there and I can accept that to a certain extent. But, as a newbie to that game, I am just wanting to see what the game has to offer and explore content. Not be hounded by duel requests and guild invitations. Players really should be more considerate, especially in newbie zones, as that area should be filled (or partially filled) with people trying to experience the game for the first time.

So, to sum up, even though I didn’t mind the game play, the 1-10 community in WoW left alot to be desired and definitely won’t be getting any monthly subscription fee from my family.


Now that, that is out of the way. I’m sitting here, waiting for me to be able to post comments at Seems to take a while to be confirmed there 8(.

I figured since I’m waiting to post these comments there, I can post them here as well. Like I said, I’ve been catching up on my Doctor Who’s. They have been fantastic. I’m also, a little more than half way through the Five Doctors.

So, my thoughts go like this.

First, is it just me or does every regeneration of The Doctor seem to get younger. Do you think there is actually a reason for that or it’s just how casting seems to go?

Second, it seems the First Doctor traveled with his Granddaughter. Also, in the new episode, the current Doctor talks about his daughter. Really made me wonder what The Doctor’s family tree looked like and what is the possibility of them ALL being dead. I know a friend I game with is a huge Doctor Who fan, and he told me the Granddaughter was left on a planet far, far away from Gallifray. Could she still be alive?

Third. In the show the Five Doctors, 5 versions of the Doctor are brought to an area in Gallifray called The Dead Zone. It’s a barren area, that is covered by a massive force field, that keeps everything out. I forget exactly how the lore goes, but, something about they stuck an Evil Timelord/being in there, he build a huge tower after a while and (at least to the point where I got to in the episode) the Timelords believed he died. The huge tower, was called the Tomb of …somethingerother.

So let me recap. Big tower, barren land, massive force field. Watching the episode of The Doctor’s Daughter. They are in an underground complex. Outside is barren, and you see a Big Tower. So, I was wondering if there was a possibility, they could be the same tower. Perhaps that section of Gallifray?

I guess really there are a lot against that kind of theory. The Doctor didn’t recognize the technology, and the flying away space ship at the end didn’t seem to collide into any force field.

I do suppose, you could counter that with, well…The Doctor was busy trying to fight a war, however he’s not the type to skip out on details.

Also, just how big of a force field would that have to be to survive the destruction of the planet.

Anyways, great show. If you aren’t into Doctor Who, but are into Sci-Fi, you really should get into Doctor Who.


2 Responses to “WoW and The Doctor”

  1. Michael Says:

    Well done, you hit on the exact theory that’s being speculated on in the Doctor Who forums, that of Messaline in fact being Gallifrey. That said it’s getting shouted down by many people.

    The Doctor did indeed leave his Grandaughter on a planet far from Gallifey, he left her behind on Earth after she fell in love with a man she met while fighting the Daleks. It was our first demonstration of the Doctor’s self-sacrificing nature that he chose to be alone than take her away from the possibility of a ‘normal’ life.

    It was also established at the time that the rest of his family were already dead, thus accounting for his reluctance in accepting Jenny, his new daughter.

  2. Crookshankz Says:


    Thanks for the info. I’ve been looking for a good Doctor Who forum to go to that will take my gmail address. I’d love to read up on the history and read some other peoples perspective.

    If you know of a good one please let me know!

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