Catching Up

Gah! It’s been too long since I’ve last blogged. We’ve had company come in and that has taken up quite a bit of time. Game time, and writing time has been limited. Even work has picked up which all seems to slow me down.

But, the company has came and gone now. Work’s still busy but, lets see if I can get enough quiet time to keep a train of thought that doesn’t include TCP/IP for a few minutes.

I was ponging a bit from lowbie toons here and there. The wife and I rolled a Monk and Templar that is up to 24? 25? Something like that.

We had some guild drama (ACK) with one of our raiding alliances. Not sure of the full details so it would be unfair to really comment much on it. So our 3 guild alliance became a 2 guild alliance. Apparently the disgruntled guild splintered and the splintered cell came back to raid with us.

For as many active players we have in my guild, the major drama is fairly low and our over all goober count is minimal. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a guild with no drama what-so-ever. Even in smaller guilds.

Looking at our Saturday nite raid turn outs, I’ve decided to finish leveling up my Conjourer. Seems like between the alliance everyone and their mom has a level 80 tank, and besides I don’t really want to MT or MA anyways. So, with a 75 (now 76) Conjy why not just make the push up to 80 and start taking her.

I feel fairly gimped with the Conjy just due to her AA points. My Conj and Crookshankz himself were both made pre-EoF and due to my laxidasical attitude on leveling, I’ve never caught up their AA’s. Crook is fixable due to his level. Dis though at 76 has less than 100 AA’s *gulp*. I doubt she’ll hit Pullo’s 130 AA’s by level 80. I am planning to start running zones. I know I’ve bypassed alot of area’s just due to my inexperience in game. So, hopefully some disco mixed with a bunch of grey quests will go a long way.


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