Teaching Levels a Lesson!

Hi Everyone!

BIG GRATZ TO BOTH MORTES DINGING 79 AND DESHAED FOR HITTING 80!!! GRATZ GUYS. Also, my guild just dinged 66!! You guys Rock!!!

I’ve been a leveling fiend with Disiri in EQ2. She’s now 79 and a half and close to being my second level 80 toon.

As I posted before, after last Sunday’s raid I started thinking my Conjy would be more benificial to the raid force. I mean, how many tanks does a raid actually need?

Hmmmm, you know, I don’t know how many tanks a raid would actually need. I don’t even know how many healers a good raid force would need.

Bare with me while I try to grope this.

Group 1
Main Tank
Plate/Chain Healer
Leather Healer

Group 2
Off Tank

Group 3
3rd String Tank/Brawler
Plate/Chain healer

Group 4
Plate/Chain healer
leather healer

I may need to rework the grouping but I’m thinking that would make an ideal kind of raid force. Everyone with some kind of buffer. Plenty of healers. I’m thinking that would give everyone the necessary buffs to perform their best.

Hopefully, a reader will know if this make up is ok or how to tweek it up.

So with that being said, I don’t see the need for 5 tanks. And thus, back up to Sunday. I decided to finish leveling my conjy out. And like I said I have been a fiend.

Sunday morning, I brought my box into work. Disiri was 75 at 0 percent into level. Finishing Fens kinda stinked. There was some bouncing around but, most of those quests were done. Finished there and I was able to find the Flow of the quests in KJ. I really think there is a certain way the KJ quests flow, just following the story line really, that allows you to update alot of quests fairly quickly killing mobs in the same areas.

I was able to finish all KJ quests except any City of Mist or Sebillis areas. I forget the exact count. That dinged me 78. Spent 78 to 79 in JW. I got maybe 10% into 79 and found a group for CoA. I popped a xp potion in CoA, which may not have been the best timing but, I still managed about 45% into level by the time it was finished.

Also, to note this whole time, I’ve had the wife mentoring me on her 80 necro. Even, if she wasn’t playing, she was in zone mentoring. I really think this was the most important key to fast leveling. After I’m done with Dis, it’ll be my turn to do that for her fury. We may swap on and off this mentoring system at least to get 1 fighter, mage, scout, priest to level 80. That way we can maximize our utility in raids.

At least, right now it’s a thought.

A few other things worth noting.

1. While fighting in JW killing grindhoofs (rhino’s) I had an Ornate Chest drop. In the Ornate Chest was a Dirge Master 1 spell. Never seen that happen before.

2. I heard last night that CoK was only dropping one nice Chest per instance. I’ve been in there where it’s done that before but, went back in and got more boxes. Hopefully, the person who said that just got a bad instance. If not, and the zone is only 1 box per instance, the zone isn’t really on my to do list any more and I won’t even worry about getting my conjy in there.

3. I’ve switched all my SOGA off. Gonna run like that for a while. I’ve really been switching back and forth since I’ve started playing. Odd how some of the emotes that work in SOGA really don’t work in NON-SOGA. You’d think that since SOE isn’t suppose to be working with SOGA anymore, that those would be reversed.

4. Loving the Shared Bank now. With all my toons I’m sitting at my first 100 plat. Just 5 or 6 more hundred and maybe I can buy a few M1’s (gah).

Gaming Related:

WTF is goin on with Age of Conan? 30 MORE servers? Sounds like they think they’re going to be doing better than they are. I can’t see there is an actual demand for that many servers for a brand new game. Of course, I know there were a few EQ2 players waiting to jump ship and I bet even more WoW players ready for a change. I wouldn’t mind trying the game but, my system lags bad on Vanguard I couldn’t imagine what that game would do to it, and as a proud parent of a 10 year old, there would have to be Parental Controls put on the game. So, in case the boy wants to watch me play I don’t have to worry about him seeing me be decapitated.

Non-Gaming Related:

* WTF is going on with Gas Prices? $4 a gallon last night. Yikes. Air Car anyone?

** My best wishes to half my state. Florida is on fire all around me. Lake County, had 1000 acres on fire. That’s just insane.

*** Doctor Who, The Wasp and the Unicorn, or The Unicorn and the Wasp….meh. Had a few funny parts. Not my favorite episode.


2 Responses to “Teaching Levels a Lesson!”

  1. Stargrace Says:

    Heh, for the VP raids I’m used to watching, there are three tanks, no more (certainly less for some fights)

    (one healer can be taken out and a scout ie: assassin typically put in there)

    Druid / shm

    Mage DPS
    Mage DPS
    Mage DPS

    3rd Tank (SK in our case)

    G4 is always the “eh, everyone else goes here” grp while G1-3 are the “solid” groups. I haven’t seen it swithc much over the years of raiding. Each guild does something different though. Most ‘raid’ guilds have a main tank, an off tank, and maybe a monk or bruiser, rarely ever a crusader these days. The “ideal” raid force being one of each 24 classes sort of went out the window long ago.

  2. Crookshankz Says:

    Ya I think with my SK it’s kinda tough to be a third round tank. SK’s need the aggro to build up the hate. Trying not to out tank the MT and OT leaves your hate fairly gimped (at least mine).

    Our raid force is slowly building up. Hopefully, leveling the conjy for it will be the right move. If not you’ll be reading about me leveling my dirge or fury very soon 😛

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