Debbie left Deltona 8(

Well, I’m taking a break in my gaming at the moment. A few guys at work went out and bought AoC. One of them were nice enough to offer me a Buddy Key. So I’m currently 3/4 the way through installing the game. I’m not going into all the things to I had to delete off my hard drive in order to install the 25 gigs that the game takes up. Never mind, let me go into it. I have time.

Basically, PotBS, Star Wars Galaxies, 7 episodes of Doctor Who and my whole collection of….*ahem*….mature videos. But, I’m watching these guys play AoC and it looks AWESOME. For you EQ2 players, it looks like if you mixed nonSOGA with SOGA and multiplied it a few times. Graphics are great. I’m kind of disappointed, the content filter removes blood and kill moves but not nudity. So gaming in front of my son is a big negatory.

But, to catch up to where I am. Doesn’t matter anyways. There’s no buddy key on the card they offered. It says to log into the website to get one. So, when we did, it says to check back at a later time when they have server space or some non-sense like that.

SCHWEET, removing all those programs and *ahem* classic videos for nothing. I guess Debbie will leave Dallas alone after all.

Anywho. On a much more positive side Disiri hit 80 today. W00t. 6 Days, 5 levels. Not too shabby. I want to see how she does DPS wise tonight. Raided with her last night. I was hitting 1.4k – 2.6k. Had a huge issue with my power pool. One fight would empty it. I’ve added a few more power regen items. Even though, my power regen was already better than my wife’s necro who had no problem, even without cannabalising.

We’ll see how it goes. Also, I plan to repoint half way through the raid and switch out pets. My wife did that and actually switched over completely to her scout pet. So, I’ve been using mine for DPS. So weird how a Scout is actually a Monk.

Anyways, uninstalling AoC now. Back to gaming 😉


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