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I kind of feel like this today. My work day of gaming has been preempted by angry supervisors, managers, directors, CEO’s, and Presidents.

Helpful tip. If your going into work and see 15 cars parked into your parking lot instead of the usual 3 don’t bring in your gaming computer.

So big work crisis, nothing that really involved me or my department. All was operational when I walked in at 10 till 8 this morning. Of course, my bosses, bosses, bosses, bosses, boss stuck around until 5:15….on the day before Memorial Day….just cause…

So my gaming was absolutely nil. I stared at my monitor for most of it. Wish I could report something great but, I did feel the need to vent.

On that note, flippin through my blogs I’m gonna have to give my quote of the week to Moorgard.

When referring to Playing AoC he states.

Like every heterosexual male who bought the game, I did the following immediately after installing:

Made hottest female character I could.
Entered game.
Removed clothing.
Watching my avatar killing nondescript mobs while topless in thong.

Playing an assassin that looked like a naked Adriana Lima with tattoos fulfilled several fantasies of mine.

Too funny!

Anyways, time to pack up and start to head home. Happy hunting everyone!


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