LF Family Fun, Will Pay

Gah! TAKE 4.

I’ve been working on this blog for some time now and I’ve learned 3 things.

1. This is as good as it’s going to get (sadly)
2. Blogging at work has too many interuptions to write something super thought provoking.
3. If I rewrite this enough times I can come up with a few good lines.

With that asside.

A lot of my reading MMO websites is my own Everquest to find a good family friendly MMO. (The rest is just my obsessive nature). When I say family friendly, I mean exactly that. Something that both my son would enjoy, as well as myself.

I’m not referring to Club Penguin. That seems quite kid friendly and not so much adult friendly. I get bored.

In my hunt I’ve found a few things that are either released or in the works.

Disney’s Pirate’s of the Carribean seems like the closests thing I could find for something that has a good mix of kids/parents kind of gaming. I’ve got two issues with this game though. First, the game is free unless you want to do anything remotely cool. I guess it’s the classic pusher move where the first taste is free. But, if you want to learn magic, buy a bigger ship or yada yada it’s gonna cost you. That just got annoying. Secondly, being from Florida I enjoy Disney like people from Idaho loves potatoes. It’s not that Disney is bad by any means, it’s just that I tend to get beat over the head with pixie dust from day to day and don’t really need it in my gaming.

I know SOE is coming out with Free Realms and I’m hopping that is going to be another kid/parent kind of game. Of course, I believe they are working on a RMT with that and that will probably kill my intrest in the game from the get-go. They can do it RMT where it may appeal to me but, I’m sure it’ll be an extremely fine line that I honestly, don’t believe they’ll be able to walk and still bring in a profit.

I’m not the kind that will count it out untill I see it but, at this point it leaves me with a big question mark over my head. (and here you thought that question mark meant I had a quest available).

Thanks to MMOG Nation, I found Wizard 101. At the moment I’m curious to what it’ll turn out to be. It’s looking like it’s going to cater more to the children side but, again, I’ll have to see what it turns out to be.

There would be more going on here but, before I insert my foot in my mouth. While researching this a bit I found http://www.tentonhamster.com Looks like this site is the tenton hammer for kids. Let me browse through that for a bit to see what they offer before I look like an idiot….again.

Hopefully, I can find something that may appeal to all of us.


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