My Weekend Ramblings

So, I came home the other night after I posted my last blog and researched. Trying to find some family friendly MMO fun. Well, to my disgust, it’s not out there. Or not that I could find.

Before, I hop off that family horse completely, I did finish reading the Battle of the Labyrinth. The new Percy Jackson book. The family has read the whole series. After my son read the first book The Lightening Thief he came home all excited and made both my wife and I read the book. Since then we’ve all taken turns when the next book in the series comes out. They’re fun quick reads, if A. you’ve got time and B. don’t mind reading a kid’s book. Finished the new book in a day and now I’m on to Glasshouse, which by the first 50 pages is completely different.

Signed up for Mythos beta just for giggles. I’m horrible about getting accepted into a Beta program. At least I didn’t have to fill out a questionnaire asking why I wanted to play beta. We’ll see what happens there.

I’ve spent most of my time helping my wife level up her fury. She’s almost to 77 now. We’re going to try this mentor thing for leveling and see how that works. She’ll mentor me for 7 days, I’ll mentor her for 7 days, etc. This worked out very well for the higher levels. Next up for me I think is going to be my dirge. If you’ve followed this blog at all, you’ll know, I’m horrible at picking a toon, working on him for a bit and then switching toons.

I found on Massively some hoopla about the new Vanguard update and how it’s made performance better so, at the moment I’m reinstalling my copy. Only 3 short hours of updates and then I’ll….be playing EQ2 with the wife. At least, it’ll be on here for tomorrow. Hopefully, all this talk of the game running smoother isn’t just lip service. We’ll see how it goes but, it does do me a world of good on this thread that Massively linked too. Nice to see a thread of good comments over flamers.

Anyways, just thought I’d say hi to everyone.

EDIT: BTW is there a VG Nostalgia guild and if so which server do I need to hit?


2 Responses to “My Weekend Ramblings”

  1. Stargrace, Growlius and maybe a few other Nostalgia folks of whom I know not are in the guild Safe Haven on the Seradon server. I’m unguilded in Vanguard; I just don’t have time to seriously play another MMO at the moment. My mains are unguilded in EQ2 as well…

    EQ1, at the moment, is about a hundred times more fun than VG anyway. Why play the imitation when you can play the original?

  2. Crookshankz Says:

    It does sound like you guys are having a great time in EQ1.

    IDK, I remember I had some really good times in EQ1. Learning how to really play your class, spamming to learn languages.

    But, I also remember what a PITA it could be. Super long camp times with poor quest rewards. And it felt like after a certain point the XP just stopped.

    Hey now that you’ve got a toon on Najena you’re gonna have to say hi! We’ll have to hang out and maybe beat up a mob or two!

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