Summer Project

I’ve been on the hunt for a good family MMO. Honestly, I’ve struck out and have already posted some of my gripes about it in past blogs. A few of them come close but, really none fit the bill completely.

My wife, being the out of the box thinker that she is suggested that my son and I create our own “Family Friendly” MMO. Honestly, that’s crazy. An MMO takes a team of…well…I don’t know how many people…but more than a team of 2 (one of which is 10).

But, what we have decided to do, is come up with the concept of it. Maybe a general lore, with some basic guide lines, classes, maps ect.

It’ll be our own summer project, just for fun. As it goes along, I’ve decided I’ll post updates here on the blog.

My son and I haven’t sat down and did too much brainstorming yet. Last we spoke, it ended in having Pirates, Robots and Ninja’s. My list of things not to include are as follows…

1. No adult themes and language.
2. No fighting/killing of real life creatures (wolves, rats, people)
3. No demons, devils, dieties or occults of any kind.

And we’ll just build off that and see how it goes. If anything, I should get some quality time in with my son and we’ll both get to have a few exercises in creativity.

I’ll keep you informed!


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