Vanguard Sigh

Well, I’m a big man. I can admit when I was wrong. I stated I wouldn’t get to play Vanguard tonight. I did. It updated, I logged in and it asked if I wanted to recompile to add performance. I said yes and it did.

I deleted my old toons, which I was thinking how odd it was they were all level 3. I remade my wood elf druid, just because I have a strong liking to wood elf druids. I did the first three or four quests. Then I’m suppose to run from the starter area to the next area….Garrison something.

Half way there…blue screen. Oh ya…I remember that. Game was like that on my last wood elf druid.

Well, loggin into EQ2 now. I’ll try a different race/class tomorrow and see if I get the same.


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