When You Should Know When

As a general rule of thumb….more of a guideline really. I try not to discuss someone else’s blog topic. I mean, that’s their thing and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

However, the Journey’s with Jaye, ended up asking a good question. I linked it, feel free to read the article. In a nut shell, how long do you/should you give an MMO to earn your hard earned money.

If this was a test, or I was a betting man, I’d bet the answer is 10 days. MMO company’s put a lot of money into research and marketing. MMO trials = 10 days. I bet that’s how long the MMO needs to hook 1 player.

With that said, the correct answer I’m sure is much more complex and has to deal with individuals and their inner psyche and all that jazz. And all that jazz is beyond me to talk about.

But, here IS what I’m going to talk about. I’m going to go that you’ll have a good idea if your going to be willing to buy and play the game, in your first sitting, at least to some capacity. That’s not to say you don’t need extra game time to validate your opinion. But, first sitting, you’ll know.

I’m a huge fan of trying different MMO’s. My feeling is level 1-10 is the MMO putting it’s best foot forward to try to get the player hooked on the game. Also, it should act as a tutorial to help you understand the who’s, what’s, why’s, where’s and how’s of the game. And all that is extremely important for new players to get that ever so important feeling of “immersion”.

I’m also, a firm believer that the first 10 levels will give you the feel of the community. In WoW’s case, on the 2 different servers I tried, the community was goober filled. Naked, dancing Night Elves and getting spammed over and over again to join a guild, is a horrible experience for a new player and shows that either people aren’t policing this players at all by sending in reports or petitions or the company just doesn’t care about the actions of players.

Vanguard is more of a performance issue. My Druid Wood Elf, is hitting a certain point in the newbie area and the game crashes, every freakin time. I’m going to try a different zone but, at the same time, why should I have to? As a new player what does this tell me?

A. Either the issue is with my computer. It very well could be but, I got what I got and I’m in no way close to upgrading it.
B. Issue with the game. Which is spooky because, if the dev’s aren”t caring about new players and new income then what should I expect when I actually get to higher levels?
C. The game + my computer = flaky. I won’t rule that out just because, I work on and with computers to one capacity or another every day.

But, to give VG the benefit of the doubt, I’ll try a different race/class/continent and go from there.

Now, in all sincerity, the time it takes to tell if you like a game, really depends on the individual. People are like snowflakes (Or doodoo depending on you outlook on life) and everyone is different. So, even though, early levels won’t show you what a raid will be like or a full group dungeon crawl, you should get a good idea of what those other 6 people will probably be like, how well the dungeon will perform and it should also make you feel confident that you’ll understand how to play the game.


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