3’s The Magic Number

So, yesterday, I purchased a second hand computer off a buddy of mine at work. It’s an Dell Inspiron 1720. Way nice! It’s 2.2 Intel Duo core, widescreen, 512 NVidia 8600 video card and 2 gigs of ram. Pretty sweet for paying a third of what he payed for it 8 months ago :-).

Anyways, when I get home I do what any responsible person with a second hand computer should do and that was reformat the hard drive and reinstall windows on it. Probably not what I should have been doing on a raid. Nor should I have been hunting down drivers and burning them to a disk but, I’m not a horrible multitasker and my dps only dropped on a small handfull of mobs.

Raid ended, and once I got my drivers on Tardis2 I started loading in the essentials. Yep, I started a web download of EQ2 and Vanguard. I set that up and right before I go to bed Vanguard states it has an hour and EQ2 says it has 3 hours left to go.

I’m thinking schweet! I’ll get the software installed while I’m sleeping and hit work and just have to patch. That’s a pretty sweet deal. And while it’s patching, then I’ll download the stuff that I don’t need quite so bad like…Flash and Acrobat Reader…Quicktime….windows updates…

When I wake up this morning to check on it, low and behold…both EQ2 and VG needs…13 hours to finish installing. WTF, that’s just insane. But, as with most mornings I don’t have time to argue and during my flight of the bumblebee gather my laptop and head off to work.

I get here at 8AM. Start the installs…3 hours to go. Around 11am both VG and EQ2 now shows under 5 minutes….SCHWEET! My nips are getting pointy and I get called away from babysitting my computer. Come back and VG is done completely with patch and all and is GTG. EQ2 however is now up to 3 hours left to download. WTF is that? I just let it go. (I try to be very zen)

Now I’m goofin around on VG and surprisingly it’s running pretty smooth on the Tardis2. Let me check EQ2’s progress. WTF do you mean 714 hours to go. Close patcher, relaunch patcher. So now, it’s a little before 1pm. I’m down to an hour and a half left to download. I’d like to say it seems like it’s taking forever. But starting downloading at 11pm last night to 1pm with still…best case scenrio hour and half to go 8(


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