It’s my Friday, and I’ll Blog if I Want To!

Over this past weekend, I learned a new formula. 100% Vitality + Being Mentored + Bonus XP Weekend = Accidental Dings! Now that’s a great formula!

I took my level 42 dirge out this weekend. I was goofing off with him very little, mostly while I was at work and accidentally dinged him 47. Not quite sure how that happened but, I’m not going to complain.

I’ve been debating whether or not to betray my dirge over to a troubador. I like my dirge but, they do seem mighty popular and I am a fan of running Tonga’s through Qeynos.

On a different note. I’ve added Ratwarlok over to my list of Blogs for you guys to check out…some good stuff right there!

Lastly, the white font was hurting my wife’s eyes. Lets see if blue does better.


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