I was flipping through ClockWorkGamer’s blog and found this gem. Now the highlight of that post is as follows (In case you are to lazy to click on the link)

“It’s at times like this I wish I could view my broker through the EQ2players.com service. Even better, I wish I could adjust prices in that way. “

Schweet, what a good idea. But then, my favorite bloggers, Tipa chime in with a gem on top of a gem…

“We’re always hearing how WoW will let you interact with the game through cell phones and stuff, and their WoW Armory is already amazingly more brilliant than the pay-to-view EQ2Players stuff which isn’t even nearly as good if you pay extra…

Let’s challenge the EQ2 devs to start taking the lead on better ways to interact with the game.
Even EQ1 had a MP3 player — just a little thing, but it said a lot about the dedication and creativity of the devs to add little things like that to enhance the game experience. “

With her response I’m seeing two different things. First, is this quote “…taking the lead on better ways to interact with the game.

And that answer’s Clockwork’s initial posting. What are some creative, inventive ways, that Dev’s can help us, the players, interact with the game. Definitely, being able to adjust your broker prices, ect. would be an excellent step. I’m sure there are bunches of other good idea’s there ripe for the picking.

Interacting with the game in a creative way like this leads us to more game enjoyment. Tipa follows that up with, what I’m seeing as a different point. The MP3 Player. I don’t think that helps me interact with the game better but, again, it goes into finding a creative way to help my (our) game enjoyment.

Again, a ton more idea’s, that I’m sure are there are ripe for the picking. I’m sure there has to be alot of little idea’s out there that our faithful dev’s have, just simple little code they could implement that wouldn’t increase drop rates of gear or give me an xp bonus, but maybe help me…I dunno, make a new friend in game.

Maybe a simple paper, rock, scissors game that I technically have no control over but I could use as a conversation breaker to meet a new person…I dunno.

So, here’s the Juicy part…you’re gonna like this. To help Tipa with her Dev Challenge….For the dev who comes up with the most creative, the funnest or funniest, little extra…I will send that Dev….all the way from sunny Florida…an email. That’s right. Now, I realize that everyone enjoy’s different kind of emails, and I’m here to please…I could send you an email from a GMail account, or perhaps a Yahoo account. Which ever you prefer. If you’re not a fan of IMAP’s, I’ve got a few different POP accounts I can email you from.

Heck, I even know how to spoof, so I can send you an email from whoever you want it to be from. Donald@Trump.com, ya, I can do that. You just let me know. If you want something fancy like words in the email, I’m your guy…

It can read like “Dev…good work!” Or something poetic like that. Just let me know and your welcome.

Really, SOE could just give up all this hard coding for a month. Maybe just have the next GU be a bunch of little things that the Dev’s just come up with. Ability to check vendor through a web interface (don’t think you’d want to be able to change vendor prices that way tho…security issue) MP3 player…any other code that a good Dev could just fart out in their sleep. Just let your hair down and go crazy!!!

Then just let me know which Dev wrote which code…I’ll judge…then keep a look out for that email 😉 (what do you want, I’m poor).


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