My Evening Laugh!

OK, Ok. I can’t let this pass. I just had to chuckle to myself.

Today I recieved not one, but 3 emails from PotBS. They had the following subject lines.

Ankündigung bezüglich Charaktertransfers und Serverzusammenlegung

Transferencia de personajes y Anuncio de fusión de servidores

Annonce de transfert de personnages et fusion de serveurs

I am just assuming here that one is French, the other is German and I know one is Spanish. Now, this isn’t a problem for me as my wife is fluent in Spanish. So, I was able to get her to translate this. But, if it wasn’t for that, I’d be lost. Where’s the gringo version? Was English completely lost?

Anyways, I’m gonna log into EQ2 and kill things for a bit 8) Happy Hunting!


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