Figuring out the SK Weakness (other than chocholate)

Gah! It’s late here and I need to be hitting the hay. I just finished a CoA run and I need to write some about it to hopefully get it out of my system. I’m still abit flustered with it.

Generally speaking, I’m a fan of CoA. It’s a quick zone, with plenty of names and even with the drop percentage feeling nerfed you can usually get a few chests out of it.

So, going in with the group we had, I bring my Shadow Knight. I love my SK, and pride myself on playing him well. I really believe I understand the in’s and out’s of him fairly well. I see the posts in the forums on how bad they are and I always wonder what in the world they’re thinking talking about when people say what horrible tanks they make or how they cann’t keep aggro.

So, I’m on my SK with the group make up being a Necro, Ranger, Fury, and Warden from my guild and a Bruiser from one of the Najena Server’s raiding guilds. The bruiser was decked out in quite a few fabled peices. The necro from my guild I know is out fitted very well with mostly masters. For some reason the necro was playing with his tank pet, I’m still not quite sure why.

I’ve tanked CoA before, in fact, I’ve tanked every instance in RoK before at least once and I’ve never ran into an experience quite like tonight. It would go like this. Usually, I’d pull the mob, start to park it, before the mob was parked the Bruiser would run up to it, pound it a few times, taunt and I’d loose aggro, never to return for the fight. Sometimes, I could get it back but, at that point the mob was bouncing between the Bruiser, Necro pet and Myself.

The Bruiser and Necro never targeted through me and a quarter way through the zone I lost the ranger and the warden. (My wife stuck with me though which was nice 🙂 I was getting to the point where I was fairly certain the Bruiser and Necro didn’t know how to play their class which I was surpised with because, they’re both end game players. However, I noticed, on the Names I wouldn’t loose aggro.

And that irked me even more. If they were playing their class properly on the names, why aren’t they doing it on the rest of the zone? At one point I was tempted to have a sudden “power outage” and just drop group. (Of course I could never do that) but, I stuck through it.

After it was done, I called out. I know the ranger fairly well and he stated that, SK’s have to build their aggro up and my “problem” was I didn’t have time to build it because of “high end” characters.

And of course, I get flashbacks to EQ2’s forums and flames full of SK’s whining about not keeping their aggro. And for a minute, honestly, I was doubting my tanking ability. Then, I flash over to all the other times I’ve tanked CoA, or CoK, or Maiden’s, or VoES. I’ve handled those zones with limited issues, definately with less deaths (with the exception of Drusilla). And I know for a fact that I’ve played with plenty of high end people from pick up groups.

So, I’ve pondered this for some time now. The issue isn’t as the forum trolls suggest, of SK’s are bad tanks that can’t hold aggro. Because, a good SK can. However, if your playing with dorks, who won’t even give you time to park the mob or who are pulling their own mob because, they don’t have time for your to cast your ward, that’s not techncially an issue with the SK. That’s an issue of playing with F-tards.

Now, that’s not to say that I don’t think a Guardian would have the same issue. Almost every spell they cast causes hate. Or even the Anti-SK, a Paladin wouldn’t have that issue due to Amends taking away a hate percentage from your highest DPS’er.

So, in closing on my evening’s blog. SK’s are good tanks for good groups that know how to play their class or at least care. Where the SK’s lack is when they’re stuck with F-tards and they have a hard time pulling aggro back. Even with Rescue, Harm Touch and the ability to Feign Death people, their recast time doesn’t allow them to be viable aggro control tools with you have some F-Tard pulling aggro off you every pull, right off the bat.

I guess, I’ve had good groups for 80 levels (except once with a sassy guardian whom, I ended up tanking MT over half way through the zone. That group’s wipes ended afterwards BTW :P) So, I shouldn’t be too flustered over tonight, basically I was due.


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