Come Hang Out

I spoke with my guild leader and it looks like we’re going to join in on the guild recruitment fair that SOE is having. I’m looking forward to this.

Order of the Ravenclaw is looking to expand our size so our lower – mid level players will have more grouping options and crossing our fingers may get a few more people intrested in raiding.

Right now, I’d say we have roughly 2.5 groups of people wanting to raid. If you add bot’s we could get another full group worth. As it stand’s with the bot’s we can take the first two names in the SoH and go a decent way into Protector’s Realm.

I’d say with 12 more people we could raid every weekend and start trying to move up the teir progression. Of course we’re a “Casual, Family Guild” and raiding is never ever manditory.

Before, I go into my plug for the guild, I do want to say that it seems to me that in any kind of online game there are goobers of some sorts. Some goobers are flat out dorks who couldn’t figure out why in the world people want their tank to go face to face with a mob while that tank just wants to sit back and cast. If that made any sense to you, you know those people are out there.

As far as I know we don’t really have any of those kind of goober’s in our guild. But, you cannot deny that all people get along with all personalities. Any if anything my guild has alot of different personalites.

I think we’re a fairly helpful guild. Please note that helpful and doing things for you are different. If you have a question we’ll either give you the answer or tell you where you can find the answer.

We’re level 66 or 67 and have quite a few people on at most times of the day.

Order of the Ravenclaw is couple friendly and is ran by a couple, Shahksah and Pywacket. I’m going to have to say that the number one most awesome thing about the guild is Pywacket. You can always count on her to have you in stiches at some point in your gaming if you pay attention. Yesterday was a great example of her parody version of MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” which was reworded to “Can’t Craft This”. Both Sha and Py are great people and are quick to assist with crafting you some gear when they can and are definately the #1 draw to the guild (My wife and I are a close second:)

Also a disclaimer, sure the guild is Order of the Ravenclaw but, we aren’t a kid’s guild.

Anyways, if you think you may be interested in joining our ranks, we ask that you read our Guild Charter first and then contact a Ravenclaw for a trial invite. I’ll be on Marant my dirge for the next few days. So, if your intrested or just want to talk…send me a tell.


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