Just Another Manic Monday

You know, one of the things I always think about is how tough it is to come up with new things to blog about. I’m sure everyone only cares about reading an EQ2 diary kind of deal is when opening a game of Solitaire seems like it’s too much work. And I have a fairly difficult time coming up with a fresh topic that hasn’t already been rehashed to death by people who write and organize thier thoughts much better than myself.

I’ve thought of several blog idea’s lately, that I haven’t written down and of course now that I’ve got some free time to write, all those idea’s escape me. So you’re pretty much stuck with what your reading :-P.

Before going much further, I do want to thank Grimwell for his mentioning Alice.org on his blog. I met my stepson when he was six (he’s 10 now) and he’s alway’s talked about making video games when he get’s older. Trying to encourage him, we spend quite some time talking about gaming and making sure he understands what he likes in games and more importantly why he likes it. The same goes with the things he doesn’t like.

I’ve also been trying to find a way to get him into programing, in a way where he wasn’t reading a manual that wouldn’t be over his (or my) head. Alice seems perfect and he’s been eating through the tutorial’s like they were candy. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

And that brings me into today’s blog. My EQ2 gaming experience has been, what I considered fast and furious lately. My dirge has been leveling his pants off and should be hitting 60 over my next few days off. I’ve killed his vitality at 46 and have been surprised on how quickly I’ve been leveling even without it.

I must highly recommend hitting the basket quests in Tenebrous Tangle at 55. They are repeatable quests that pay decent. The quests are easier quests and I’d say, with 0 vitality I went up roughly a level and a half just by repeating those. I grabbed the Humidor quests at the same time and got another half of a level off those.

At 57 I changed gears and headed over to Lesser Faydark. 58 should be a hop skip and a jump away following those quest lines. I’m a fan of LF. The quests there (and Steamfont as well) are fairly what I consider circular quests where the quest lines lead you into the other area’s of the zone. So, it’s like pick up quests, fight to other area’s of the zone to complete and turn in there and then pick up more quests and sort of repeat that process. It makes for not noticing the amount of time your actually in the zone, always feeling like your accomplishing something and leveling fairly quickly in the process.

SF and LF do this fairly well. All the RoK zone’s do this even better. Once I hit 60 this is where I tend to struggle for level. I do think I have a decent system down. Here’s the game plan. Between now and 60 I’ve got to level up my harvesting in order to do my Raincaller HQ. Afterwards, it’ll be time to visit Hoo’Loh to get my pimp hat.

I’m really hoping Hoo’loh still gives me the original hat instead of the dirge beret. The beret is ok but, The wide brim hat with the big feather sticking out of it looks waaaaay nice.

In between there, I need to finish the Djinn language quest and my Poet’s Palace access quest (for my Epic weapon).

I’m hoping by the time I finish those quests I’ll be sitting roughly around 64 or 65. Which will be a great time to hit the quests in Loping Planes. Of course I’m thinking 1 or 2 levels is about all I can ask for out of those. Which isn’t too bad.

I know Pre-RoK my leveling strategy was just to hit the EoF instances. I did that with Pullo, and starting at 65 I just ran the EoF instances over and over again and think that I hit 70 in 2-3 days. Fingers crossed I can do that with Marant. Just don’t know if I’ll be able to find groups in that level range to do the zones. My guild seems littered with toons from levels 1 -30 and then 75 – 80. So, we’ll have to see how it goes.

Once I hit 70 though, it’s just a matter of doing the RoK quest lines. Those do get boring sticking in the same zone for sooooo long but, they do go by rather quickly if you just commit to following the quest lines.

So there’s my leveling strategy. Feel free to use them to see if they could work for you. If you have anything to add please let me know!


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