Vote No for Equiptment Upgrades

I did this unofficial, unattentional test the other day I thought I’d share. This goes to the people who are asking for old world gear to get vamped up to the new world gear, which is far superior. As anyone who reads my blogs with any regularity knows, I’m an altaholic. Love me some alts!

So I’ve rolled quite a few alts and ran them all through Timberous Deep (whether that was their starting zone or not). I’ve just been throwing the drops out of there in the shared bank. So, the yesterday, I rolled a fae mystic and decided to run stay in Greater Faydark for a while.

When he hit level 6, I went and checked my shared bank and threw in 4 or 5 peices of ROK gear. I think it was a ring, and 3 armor pieces. And I go back out and continue my questing.

Afterwards, I noticed, nothing was hitting me. I mean they were swinging but the Mit was too good and even when the mobs hit me I wasn’t taking any damage. Also, I wasn’t using any power. I was casting my butt off but my power pool never dipped down under 3 quarters full.

Really, at this point, the level wasn’t that fun for me. I had no fear of death, even when I had 3 or 4 little funky goblins pounding on me at the same time.

I guess what I’m saying is, if you’re wanting the gear in old world, low levels to get raised to par with RoK zones, then your MOST DEFINATELY going to want the mobs to be more difficult. If not the zone isn’t going to be remotely challenging.


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