Doctor Who and game design

I know Tipa mentioned before how in the Doctor Who universe, that all the alien activity seems to be over Cardiff. Well it seem’s that is true!!!

Now, let me give my quick review of the last episode of Doctor Who called Turn Left (or is it Left Turn? anyways) My review with zero spoilers go like this….


OK. With that out of the way I can’t wait for the next episode and I’m getting kind of sad that I’m going to have to wait till 2010 for the next season 8(.


I found this story about a guy who won a game design competition. I’m posting this more so I’ll remember to show my son but, maybe you’ll like it too.


One Response to “Doctor Who and game design”

  1. Openedge1 Says:

    The episode was quite interesting..

    But, the preview for NEXT WEEKS is OMG!!!!!

    All of the culminations.
    Rose, Sarah Jane, Torchwood, Bad Wolf, the Darkness


    I am a geek for continuity, and if it has it in spades like Who, I am super geeked over that type of drama.

    Who is the best written show on TV period.

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