Free Advice and Your Welcome!!!

EQ2 N00b advice #1347

If you know the role your wanting to play in a group or raid situation before beefing up that toon, spend some time and research the class. So you know that the toon you plan on leveling does the best, at what you want it to do. Let’s say you’re wanting to buff a caster group in a raid. So you pick up your Dirge and start leveling away like crazy. And just after you ding 63, you realize DOH! Dirge’s are primarily for melee’s and a Troubador would have been a better choice. And then you have a mild panic attack!

What do you do? Do you betray your Mousie Dirge and dump a ton of time and money getting his spells, ect upgraded and of course loose the money you spent on his current spell set. And of course, then you’d have to delete that lowbie lvl 17 halfling Troubador you made. But wait, you really, really like that Halfling Troubador. It’s not his fault you’re becoming a slacker in your old age. Or do you just decide to live and learn and chalk it up as a learning experience? Just keep on truckin the way your going. It’s not like a dirge isn’t useful by any means?

Really these can be tough decisions and one’s simple enough to avoid. If you decide on a particular role that you want to play…make sure to research that role. The extra 15-30 minutes you spend could save harder choices down the line.


EQ2 Dev Idea #376

How many times has this senerio happened to you?

You’ve just hopped over to a toon that you know has a particular item your looking for. Of course, he has 12 boxes in the bank made from the best Norrathian Mahogany money can buy. So, your not 100% positive which box it’s in. After opening box 8 you find the item in question. You quickly pop open a box out of your shared bank, move the item over and log out.

Hop over to the toon that needs the item, hmmmmm which box did I put it in again? After tearing through every box in the shared bank you discover that the item is no where to be found. OH MAN!!! Time to hop back to your the toon who initially had the item just to find that you actually just MOVED THE ITEM TO ANOTHER BANK SLOT.

UGH! That’s frustrating.

The dev’s could fix this simply by color coding the boxes, or just the box border. Yellow boxes are bank, blue are shared bank and red are the bags/boxes on your persons.

Easy fix for a fairly annoying issue!!!

Ok, those were my yearly 2 idea’s. Pretty sure I’m done for the year. Back to my normal lemming self.


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