Feeble Attempt at RP Blogging :-)

…As told by Marant Cheesesong formerly Marant Queyso’Catcher

I’sa have busy lasts few days. I’sa just sittings arounds Temple Streets. Writing another sads song about not havings cheese. Thinkings of one days doing somes big time raidings. So’s I’s talk to the bosscat in my guild. There are many Kerran’s ins my guild. Theys are very nice. Sometimes theys invites me to theirs house and give’s me presents. I’sa have many sets of pie crust armor. Some even haves cinnemon sprinkles. I don’t know whys they give’s it to me because it has very low mitigations and I would nevers wear it. But, I says thank you anyways.

So bosscats say, if you’sa bored, you’sa shoulds stops being evils dirge and be’s a happy troubador. “Happy’s?” I ask? Yes he says. Happy like your swimmings in a warm cheese bath…then’s he’s asks if I’ve heard of fondue. Which musts be some weird Kerran tradition or somethings.
So, I’sa started thinkings…hmmmmm. Happys…I never thought about being happys. Happy is like finding a bed of cheeses and then eating and nappings. So, I tried to writes a happy songs called “Kerran bring me da cheeses now”.

I’s thought long abouts betraying. While’s I was thinkings I spents 3 and halfs hours sitting at Crossroads waiting at Guilds Fair. I was there first and then’s peoples from 2 others guilds shows up. Misstreeted from Inn Mates and some nice gnomey ladies froms The Dying Sun.

I sangs thems some songs and threw some snowballs at them. They must be’s magic snowsballs cause I’ve hads thems since Winter in my bag and theys are still snowy. We’s were the whole fair. We’s took turns running circles around each other. All’s was good till a peskys Kerran from Inn Mates shows up and starts asking me for catnip. But he’s was nice and traded some Swiss cheese for the catnip.

I’s wrote a songs about him called “May Surepaw be the last in his party to wipe” It was a mix of dirgey/troubador feel. (Crookshankz note: Sort of like a The Cure meets The Hanson’s). It is a working title.

So’s in thats 3.5 hours the onlys other persons to show ups was an Iksar that states he was there to give the nice gnomes a break. Buts, I’s was talking to Inn Mates and gnome was there. I turns arounds and Iksar was there. I’s pretty sure the Iksar ate the gnome but, in typical Iksars fashion he’s denied its.

First, I’sa thinks the xtras experiences peoples gets and not havings a good times frames to go stopped peoples from showings up. But, now thinkings about it, all zones were fairly’s dead. So maybe everyones stayed at homes gnawing on yummy wood.

At this points, I was ready to write more happy songs and see’s more of what Qeynos has to offers a Tonga like me’s.

Peoples hads me listens to a bunch of conversations and next things I knews, I’sa wasn’t as sneaky as I’sa thought and they’s kicks me out of Freeport.

You would thinks that woulds be good for Qeynos, thems being nice and everythings but, they’s makes me do 12 quests over and over and over. I’sa do each quests in 7 minutes. So’s by my math that’s 23 hours it takes me to finish. Then’s Qeynos makes me pick up trash and kills someone (none was very nice eithers).

Afterwards, I’sa speaks to mys new troubador trainer. And nows I’m a Troubador!!!! Hurray me’s!!!!

Many, many hours laters, I’sa thinks I’sa have alls my new songs. Seems like less songs for a Troubadors. Fighting seems much harders but, I’sa hopes I’sa figure it out okays. I’sa needs to find out if there’s lower age songs I’sa shoulds be usings.

As a dirge I seemed to root, range attack, range attack, range attack, stun, backstabs, attack, attack, fear, attack, attack, dead. As a troubador, I’sa range attack, get hit, get hit, get hit, attack, get hit get hit, mez, takes 3 deep breaths, backstab, stun, attack attack, get hit…well…you see hows thats is going. I’sa eventually get better with my happy songs, (I’sa hope).


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