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Hurray!!! I had a comment and a question. I like those *) I’m constantly amazed when I find people actually read things I wrote other than my wife and son. So thank you RC for coming by and for your kind words.

RC ask’s this question, but I felt that maybe other’s could benifit from my opinion of the question and it started to get a bit to wordy for me to add it as a comment.

So, RC ask’s “I did have a question about city writs. Are they worth doing if I’m guildless? …I’d like to get a mount, and the rep discount would be nice. I just didn’t know if you only get that discount if you’re in a guild. 2.5 plat is going to take me a while to save up, I’m afraid.”

Mounts are definately a cool thing in EQ2. And there is a nice feeling in showing off your level 1 character with a very shibby mount to all your WoW loving friends (if I’m not mistaken they have to wait till level 20? before they can get a mount)

In all, really I’m seeing going to break down your question into 3 different parts. Even though Rc asked a very simple yes/no question.

I guess the simple answer is Yes. Do them. For more explaination and other challenges I see in your question read further.

I’m sure Writ’s is all a matter of opinion/preferance. You being a new player, I’m going to suggest to do them.

I feel the one thing that doing writs do better than anything, is help guide you to where you want to go, and when you want to go there. And at least for me, was the hardest part of leveling my toon.

Plus, if I’m not mistaken you’ll carry your Personal Status (which you can view in your Persona (P) window) into a guild if you decide of any to choose from. I know some of the mount’s and items that you can purchase from the City Merchants do require you to be in a guild of X level, and that also includes some of your housing options.

As far as getting the money, you’d be surpised on how easy that could be depending on how well you handle being semi bored in game for a while. Harvesting and tradeskilling can bring you in some really good money, especially at lower levels. I’d focus on trying to harvest loams. Especially, T1 loams. On the Najena server, I’ve seen them sell for as high as 99s, but on average I wanna think they go for roughly 24s (ish). T1 rares generally don’t sell that much but, I’ve sold Conj/Necro/Illy pet A3’s for 15g each before.

Any of the newbie zones are really good for harvesting. If you make a good or evil toon and start in Queen’s Colony or the Outpost of the Overlord, I’d recommend staying on the island for your harvesting of T1 stuff.

Crafting is also another good way to make your money, although I haven’t found out exactly how yet. From what people have told me though, the best crafters to make money are the crafters that make consumable’s. Such as a provisioner (food and drink) or woodworker(totems and arrows). With those crafters you won’t sell in one big chunk of change but, you’ll nickle and dime your way to the top.

I will say, I have a low level woodworker. Noone had any T2 arrows up for sale and I had a few stacks I was placing up. Just more as an experiment than anything, I stuck them up at 99s each thinking in 5 minutes someone would underbid me by about 82s. Checked on his sales next week and the 6 stacks of arrows I placed up all sold.

That was probably a fluke but, it just goes to show you, ya never know till you try.

Also, what people call Sparklies or Shinies…those collection peices you see on the ground as “?”‘s can sell for awesome money. Most will only go for 25s if your lucky, but you’ll hit quite a few that will sell for a plat a pop or even more.

I use to take my toons into gray dungeons and harvest sparklies. Use to be, if you’d harvest your shinies in a gray dungeon for a while, you could make a few plat fairly quickly. I don’t know if it’s still like that or not.

If I may be so bold to recommend, go out, find a guild. The benifit’s of a guild are endless. Make friends, sometimes it’s easier to find groups, and depending on the guild level, you can get some really neat items and discounts off the city merchants.

With some research you can find a guild that matches your gaming style and prsonality. Hey your just a casual player, don’t want to never, ever raid and really never want to group. Hey, there’s guild’s like that.

You want to do heavy group and raid a few times a week, hey there’s guilds out there like that. Heck, my guild is probably a mixture of both. It’s more about being able to deal with the people in your guild and what they type in the guild window than it is anything else.

There are guilds out there primarily made of crafters.

What I’m saying is there are guilds out there for everyone. You just have to take the initiative and find the one that’s right for you.

Check out your U (guild) window and read what people say about their guild. If they list a website, check out their website. If that guild has a forum, go check that out too. Is their guild website active? Do the people in their forums sound knowledgable or are they just goons spouting off their lips?

Hey, the first guild you try doesn’t work out, move on to the next one. They put you in on a trial basis, why not you put them in as a trial basis. It should work both ways.

DO ask your guild to group with you, DO ask for help and DO ask questions.
DO NOT asked to be power leveled, DO NOT ask for money and DO NOT even mention the guild bank for a while.

On Najena, I really enjoy my guild alot. Very casual. All levels, ect. Nostalgia, is a smaller newer guild that is ran by a blogger I really like reading. During the Guild Recruitment fair I spent quite a few hours chatting with the leaders of Inn Mates and they seemed really nice and friendly.

If your not on Najena…well, then, I have no clue.

Hope this advice helps you some. Thanks for the question and the topic :-). Maybe some of the other readers may have some other suggestions and definately thanks for coming by.


3 Responses to “Questions Answered”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Mr. Crookshankz,

    You are a gentleman and a scholar! I really can’t thank you enough for all the info. It’s been very helpful indeed.

    Call me weird, but I don’t get bored harvesting. I actually enjoy that and find it rather relaxing. I’ll make sure and sell my rares through the broker. I hadn’t even considered selling my extra collection items. I will start doing that as well.

    I’ve begun tradeskilling but haven’t gotten too far in that. I’m enjoying it though and find that it can be a bit challenging (a good thing) at times.

    I will also take you up on your suggestion of seeking out a guild. I’m a casual gamer at best and have limited play time, but from what you say, I should be able to find a guild that suits my needs. It just seems to me that from what little I’ve seen there are a bunch of well established guilds chock full of high level characters. Not sure what they would want a clueless noob like me mucking around in their guild for (perhaps as a live target practice dummy?), but I’m sure it’s worth a try.


  2. Crookshankz Says:

    Bah! Don’t discredit yourself. My guild has toons of all levels in it. Sometimes it’s more about just having someone there to chat with.

    When speaking with a guild just be upfront and honest. Have a few questions you want to ask, and just go from there. Don’t let it worry you, if you have to go through a few guilds to find the right one.

    Remember, it’s not about hitting high level instances, it’s about having fun. And there’s a ton of ways in EQ2 (most MMO’s) to have fun!

    PS Come back and let me know how your doing, or better yet, send me a tell in game 🙂

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