What I’m Doing

I’ve spent most of my morning working on the guild website some. My guild leader gave me admin access to help keep things up to date. It’s been a long time since I’ve used an actual portal and I think I have a headache already. My experience has been with PHPPortal and PHPNuke. He’s got Dragonfly up there.

It’s all pretty much the same beast. Just more needing to refamiliarize myself with it. I’m not making any big changes or anything. I am just keeping the news more up to date and I did add a link. If your on the Najena server, check us out.

It’s nice when you bring up some action items up to your guild leader and not only does he take an intrest but he acts on it. I was happy about that 🙂

Anyways, I couldn’t go updating that site, without updating my blog.

A guildie need some help over in Chardok. Is Epic required 120 rare drops off of random mobs. Yikes. Turns out we had a few other guildies needing updates there as well. We ended up throwing a call out to our alliance guilds and low and behold, they too had a few toons needing update.

So we ended up hitting Chardok in a 3 group raid format. This was the first time I have ever been in Chardok other than just a quick run to CoK. Fudge, thats a huge zone. I think we started roughly around 9ish. I think it was 2am when everyone had all the updates they needed.


Glad to see it done though. Now we have another Ravenclaw needing just 1 more step to finish his epic which should be done tonight.

Playing Marant has been intresting. I’m still struggling with soloing a Troubador. I miss my Dirge but, the Troubie is more needed on our raids and I’m trying to fill that spot.

Intresting note: The wife and I were fighting over in Fens. We were killing the fishy people at down by the lake (still not awake enough to feel the need to hunt down the spelling of their name). So, we’re fighting and fighting and WHAM! I get an Exquisite Chest drop?!?!?! Pally 72 taunt. I win the roll.

Well, I need a few more fishy people to finish this quest so we keep going. Roughly 15-20 minutes later WHAM! Another Exquisite Chest?!??!?! SCHIBBY!!! Of course, I didn’t roll on the M1 Gaurdian Defensive Stance. It was my wife’s turn for alittle guild spam. And of course our guild leader needed the spell so she mailed it off to him.

Sha’s other toon was a Pally so I offered him my drop, which he didn’t need. I was able to trade it last night for a lvl 80 Troubie haste buff M1 which is VERY SCHIBBY!

So that’s my happ’s! Happy hunting everyone!


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