My Player of the Year!

My wife and I decided we’d nominate a Player of the year. Here’s how it reads

Player Name: Pywacket
Server Name: Najena

If there’s such a thing as the embodiment of EverQuest 2’s heart and
soul, it would have to be Pywacket, our resident Kerran in Bear’s
clothing. Anytime anyone logs in she greets them with a big hug.
Everyone Pywacket speaks with is left with a positive and lasting
impression. She demonstrates infinite patience answering player’s
questions and guides them on how to find the answers out on their own.
She is willing to help anyone at any time.

In addition to her undying devotion to her “Ravenclaws”, she keeps our
guild chat lively with her off-the-wall humor, extremely inventive and
creative story telling, and her EverQuest Trivia games. Participation
in these impromptu games will earn you unusual items in your mail box;
anything from a Troll Snot Flinger to a Gnomish Parachute Pack.

Not only does she always tell us how fun crafting is, she shows it.
She has leveled multiple crafters to level 80. She will supply her
guild mates and friends with items they need, and she has it for them
in a very timely manner.

So hopefully, she’ll get some kudos. I really just wanted to put “She’s flippin awesome” but my wife wouldn’t let me.


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