Gaming Haze

My son went to North Carolina to spend some time with his grandparents leaving the wife and I a bit lonely. I took an extra day off this week so, the wife wouldn’t be quite so lonely and we’ve been in a gaming haze.

Before he left we took Disiri and Circea into a Shard of Hate raid. Our numbers are rising on our raids but, don’t let the big groups fool you, there were still alot of double boxers. I’m thinking if we could just get 6 more people for raiding we’d be golden.

If you happen to be in a guild on the Najena server and are intrested in raiding, shoot me a tell. We’re always trying to find another guild we get along with to join our alliance. At the moment we raid Friday and Saturday nights around 7:30 EST.

Now would be an ideal time as we are just starting back up our DKP system, so you wouldn’t be too far behind.

Here I was whining about the server going down. But here, they gain 25 DKP for admitting that the type of server they are using is a HampSTER 3000. I got a big chuckle outta that 🙂My gaming haze, has just been about getting Marant up to 80. He’s so close now at 78. Today is my last day of hard core gaming as I’d promised the wife that tomorrow we’d do things around the house and go have dinner and a movie.

I’m 10% into 78 with maybe 15 completed quests in JW and I logged out with 4% vitality last night. Really hoping that the rest of the JW quests will take me up to 80 without much vitality. If anything, at least Marant is high enough level to raid. I really need to find me a high level troubie and pick their brain on the best way to raid it, how to spend the AA’s and the stats I need to be a good raider. I’ll keep you updated on that.

Yesterday, instead of questing, we hit instances. Marant has done Maiden’s, VoES, CoA and we went 3 names into RE2. CoA by far had the best drops. But, I would like to know how….

is considered legendary? WTF is that? I’ve seen better items drop out of Timerous Deep. I did get an Off Stance Bruiser M1 drop out of CoA as well. None up for sale so I put it up for an insane amount of money. Hoping that’ll actually sell as is and I’ll be able to buy 3 Troubie M1’s with the profit. Even if I sell it at a third of the cost, I should still be able to buy 2.

My count now, I have 2 fabled items, which were both quested and 2 lvl 80 M1’s. Trying hard to stack Marant up as I know he’s going to be my Raider. At 78, I’m at 121 AA’s and I know I have minimum 61 quests left to go in JW. I’ll keep you posted!

Happy Hunting everyone!


One Response to “Gaming Haze”

  1. Openedge1 Says:

    I live in North Carolina…in the mountains near Asheville.
    Anyways, is this maybe a gaming slump? Or did you game TOO much.

    Anyways, glad to hear things are still going good…cheers to ya


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