Troubie Goodness

So, let’s see. Where did I leave off? I guess there are a few things worth noting. Marant is now level 80 and just got his 130th AA point.

I’m still in the process of figuring out how to play him to the best of his ability. Betraying at such a high level does steepen the learning curve.

I’d like to thank Stargrace for all her patience and guidance, as I’ve asked her quite a few questions. She’s went well out of her way to help me. (And she’s always pleasant about it)

I’ve been through a good handful of instances and am still waiting for some good drops for me. We did have a great CoA run with 4 exq and 5 ornates drop which was amazing to see but, not a single one had anything I could really use. The second and third CoA run consisted of 2 ornate chests and alot of wood :-(.

RE2 by far has had the best drops/quest rewards for the troubie. I got a super nice wrist item that sets off the first set of proc’s by the quested leggings. So, I feel I’m well on my way for gearing up.

Raid’s tonight and my DKP has been growing steadily for lack of drops. Hopefully something good will drop and I can put in a few good bids on.

Anyways, I’ve been researching today on how to up my dps. I’ve found myself back into both EQ2 Forums and EQ2 Flames Forums. I found that Flames is much more ….informative (yet still abrassive) when going into class forums. As a recap, here’s what I found. Please bear in mind that I still haven’t logged in to verify any of this information)

starter – 1 Bard’s luck
agi – 4-4-4-8 maxing poison proc
sta – 4-4-4-8 maxing group double attack
wis – 4-4-6-8-2 maxing allegro, 2 extr points in selo’s to get the end line dktm
int 4-1 getting a point into rhythm blade to make up for a lack of offensive stance. (alternatively str 4-1 blade dance personal immunity)

OK, this is fairly close to the wonderful Stargrace’s suggestions. I’m going to be going more towards her advice though by not pointing INT/STR at all and spending those points more in the other 3 lines.


Troubador line
5 reverberating shrill
5 painful laminations
5 Thunderous overture
5 Perfection of the maestro
1 sonic interference

5 cheap shot
5 sonnet
5 stifling missile
5 Peaceful melody
1 harmonization

3 power ballad
5 aria of magic
5 arcane tempo
5 elemental tempo
5 jester’s cap (from peaceful melody)
1 resonance

4 spell rebuff

Ok, this part IDK about at all. That whole middle section. Cheap shot (does not work against EPIC mob), Stifling Missle (does not work against EPIC mob), Charm and Mez (which if I’m doing in a raid something’s wrong) Seems to me that is alot of AA points to get Harmonization. With that said I haven’t got to log in and read the specifics of Harmonization. Who know’s maybe it’s worth it?


Fury, Troub, Wizard, Ranger, Illy, Conj
Per the forums this is the kind of group build I should have.


do i need the shield to keep the DA?
This is the big question right now. Do I get my double attack without using the round shield. I know with a round shield I’m doing 49% DA. If I get that same bonus duel wielding that would be HOOOOOOTTTTTTT. I’d loose a knock down and a 100% block (for a single attack). Both those would be expendable. According to posters on Flames 33% of my damage should be from auto attack (we’ll have to see).


macro PoTM to cast Jesters cap on self
/useabilityonrt Jester’s Cap

So the idea here is 2 fold. Set a macro up so when you cast PoTM that you’ll cast Jesters cap on yourself first. IE you’ll get PoTM back all that much faster.

Also, this /useabilityonrt Jester’s Cap command is for a macro that will cast Jester’s Cap on the last person who sent you a tell. That’s pretty slick.

Assuming you’re hitting Necros/Conjs/etc when they ask for it with big abilities, here’s my priority for when no one sends you a tell.

Swashbuckler (if MT group)

Well, just idea’s for now. I’m getting itchy to log in and see how I can apply some of this. Will let you know how it goes.


2 Responses to “Troubie Goodness”

  1. Stargrace Says:

    I actually ended up changing my spec after I talked to you. I am 4-6-4-8-1 (wis), 4-1 (int), 4-4-8-8-1 (sta), and 4-4-4-2 (agi) for a max dps line. I also have a profile saved in those wonderful aa mirrors though that drop the lend shield line and pick up the AOE avoidance line for trakanon. I was wearing my shield constantly – but now switched out, and DW unless it’s a named fight where I need to switch in a shield for a little help to the MT – or when I am solo’ing.

    With autoattack and no skills, I was parsing 1.4k solo with duel wield (DW), with the shield, only 900. That’s with the trooper scale boot proc. If the boots didn’t proc, my parse with duel wielding was lower.

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