PUG Wow’s and Woes

I’ve really been enjoying the Troubie epic quest. Not near as challenging as my SK’s and I’ve been able to solo a good majority of it. Last night, some guildies helped me get my updates in Seb (first time I needed anything close to a full group) and this morning, while the wife was starting to get ready for our vacation I called for a Pick Up Group for CoA.

Reply’s were slow going at first but, they started to steam roll shortly there after. I was a bit concerned initially just due to the amount of time it took everyone to gather in Kunzar Jungle. Once in CoA, everything flew by. No wipes, not even a death. The tank was amazing, the drops were less than spectacular but, I did manage to get an Assasin Master 1 spell and my Epic update.

The group all bailed on me and I was off to get a group for Maiden’s. Determined to try to get my epic early so, I don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day (I can kinda obsess over things).

Another slow start on filling a group but, they call came together. Got a zerk, temp, illy, assasin, and wizzy. I was thinking that was pretty shibby.

We get in zone, tank goes to pull, BAM wipe. This is going to be a loooooong run.

I start to think we’re finding a rhythm and make it to the first named. I know he’s a PITA to begin with but, MAAANNNNNN. Wipe once, twice,…..many more times, all’s broken. Everyone goes and mends. The healer quits. My wife logs in her fury. Wipe once, twice, three times. Assasin drops group.

I call out and get another templar to go along with the fury. Double heals, sweet right?

Well the templar makes it in and the assasin comes back asking to rejoin. Well too late, I filled the spot. And I tell him, “Hey, thought you were dropping group, I got a healer but, I’ll leave it up to you. You were here first, do you want me to explain it to the healer and let you come in.”

Well, while I was typing that out, another group member was typing out, “our original 6th member showed back up, we have to let him back in, sorry”

So, the assasin says Happy Hunting, the templar says Happy Hunting and drops group. The assasin is calling home. UGH!

I shoot the Templar a tell and get them back in the group and we’re off again.

We get back to the first named, wipe.

We revive and the mob is waiting for us at the door. NICE!!!


Next time, FINALLY, we kill him!!!


So, we start to groove along some. Hey, we’re in front of Sandstorm or whatever his name is. One wipe, two wipe, three wipe. Hey, why are we killin this guy again?

I actually asked that. My answer was Duh, he could drop a master! So, I think we finally drop him on the fifth try….maybe.

Then back to zoom a’zoom zoom next name was easy, sisters only wiped once. Then, here we are. Drusilla.

Wipe, wipe, wipe, wipe, wipe, wipe, wipe……you get the picture.

Anyways. Group leaves and I finally do what I should have done. Wait for my guildies. They came in to zone. Hit Drusilla, took her out first shot. W00T!!! Clicky clicky, the maiden spawns and dies almost as quick. BAM I’M SPORTIN EPIC!!!!

Then instead of running around showing it off, I had to camp to go to the store 8(. Anyways, I can show it off later.

Happy hunting all!


3 Responses to “PUG Wow’s and Woes”

  1. Grats!

  2. Stargrace Says:


    I find it odd though, that you had to kill the maiden or whoever at the end….

    I didn’t…
    I just clicked on a box on the floor (no instruments) and picked it up.

    The walk through on wikia said I had to click 4 instruments and fight a final mob before I’d get it. I just figured it had been changed..

  3. Crookshankz Says:

    Thanks guys šŸ™‚

    And Wikia was spot on for me. I think you just got lucky šŸ˜› She was an easy enough burn down though. Someone asked me if there was anything special about her. By that time she was dead. So, was not like she was tough at all.

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