Vacation, Brother Jack and the Halting State

I guess my notice is a bit late but, I’ve been on vacation since Tuesday. My family are currently in Indiana visiting my parents and other relatives. The vacation has been awesome. Indiana is absolutely beautiful. I’d offer to post up pic’s but, really I’m not much of a camera person.

Here is a photo of my brother Jacks though.

He’s 6 months old and has replaced me as the apple in my mother’s eye (punk dog). But, all in all he’s a good pup and super duper cute.

I have left my lap top at home so, really I have nothing to report in the way of EQ2 or the new Game Update. That’ll have to wait untill either Tuesday nite or Wednesday morning for me to actually log on and check it out.

When we left Orlando, I think the temperture was pushing around 102 outside. If you’ve ever been to Florida, especially during the summer month’s you know you should really tack on another 20 degree’s to make it feel like it really does due to all the humidity. Basically hot is hotter there.

Mid Day’s here in Indiana have been around 80-85 and man it’s been perfect. I couldn’t ask for better weather and can’t wait for the job market here to pick up so we can finally find jobs and move the family up here.

So, to start getting to the point of today’s blog. I’ve been spending my time visiting with family, catching up on much needed sleep and reading.

I’ve had the Halting State listed as a book I’ve read this year for some time but, still haven’t finished it untill recently. If you’re looking for a good Charles Stross book to read, well frankly, I didn’t care for it all that much. Go pick up Glasshouse by Stross and be entertained.

But, if you make MMO’s and want to have a glimpse of the future, maybe you should check out the Halting State. Let me give you a very brief run down of Mr. Stross’s vision.

I guess to break it down easy, you’d make 1 main avatar, that avatar would strech across multiple games. Think of it like this, you have the SOE station pass and your main character for EQ2 would be the exact same character you’d play for EQ1 and SWG and PotBS.

Sure you can customize the looks to fit in more of the other games but, in essense it would be the same character. It sounded like you’d retain your level and some of the items. All characters would bank and vend in an out of world sort of place so you’d have wookies banking right next to dark elves depending on what their main avatar was designed like

Sounds like that has a ton of potential if you ask me. I really should skim back over the book and try to write more details down. It sounds like a more feasible and fun and different MMO idea than any of the games I’ve seen due out any time soon.

Anywho, Happy Hunting all!


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