Casual Raiding?

So, I’ve been spending my day, finishing catching up on most of the blogs I missed on vacation and I ran into this Gem dropped by Tipa.

The raiding guilds on Befallen can be split into four types. Those that can clear Veeshan’s Peak, and therefore can get you your Mythical epic. Those that are working on clearing Veeshan’s Peak. Those that are working on Tier 2 or 3 raids, and every other raiding guild. Serious raiders go for the first type. Most of the rest are scattered through the VP guilds that are still working on the gateway encounters. Every other guild is just essentially a feeder guild for the top ones.

Honestly, I felt a bit crushed by it at first because honestly, my guild would really fall into the “every other guild” category. We’re really progressing fairly slowly. Honestly, I’m a bit bored with the monotony of raiding the same zones but, at the same time Marant is at 0 drops (Disiri and Pullo are both at 1 each) from the raids I’ve attended with him. (Actually he’s gotten 1 M1 but, as the only Troubie in the raid I don’t think that counts). So farming these lower tier raiding zones seem to be still a must. Also, it gives the group to work on acting like a team. And that, is probably just as important as us gearing up.

Then the more I thought about it, what do I really know about raiding in all. I’ve been to Protector’s Realm, Shard of Hate and Tomb of Thuuga and really that’s it for T8 zones. Heck, I don’t even know what the other T8 raid zones are other than Veeshan’s Peak that everyone talks about.

So, off to the dreaded forums I went. Here’s the list of the raid zones I found.

Tier 1

– The Tomb of Thuuga
– The Execution Throne Room
– The Protector’s Realm

Tier 2

Venril Sathir’s Lair
– Throne Room of the Overking

Tier 3

– The Chamber of Destiny

Tier 4

Veeshan’s Peak
Kluzen the Protector
Elder Ekron
Milyex Vioren
Taskmaster Ashenclaw
Travenro the Skygazer
Phara Dar

Trakanon’s Lair

Yike’s! That’s a lot of zones to try to tread through. SoH isn’t listed but I believe that stretches from T1-T3. So really, us doing up to Master PTasa, in SoH and up to Doomcoil in PR does not a raiding guild make.

I guess it really boils down to 1st, getting the people dedicated to raiding and then to keep plucking away at it. We’ve been having a tough time with our attempted alliances outside of the 2nd guild we raid with. So, our 3 raids with completely full groups have ended and now we’re back to bots.

Basically it’s Order of the Ravenclaw, and Nefarious. The other 2 guilds we tried to alliance our selves with both kind of flaked out. I never got the full story but, it seemed they weren’t happy with the progression and started trying to skip T1 and move straight to T3. So, we’ll see how tonight goes. From how it was sounding a lot of our raid force isn’t going to be on this weekend :-\

I’d really like to find Mon, Tues, Wed night raiding and may start to actually leave my channel chats open on those nights for a PUG raid. I really don’t like the idea of a PUG raid but, those really are the best raiding nights for me. (Stinks having odd days off sometimes)

Anywho, to wrap this up I also found this link to a groovy kind of quest for raiding. Of course, it looks like the main reward is XP, and you have to be 80 to get the quest so, not really sure how that works. But, I guess it’s a flagging of sorts.

All this does lead me to ponder is there such a thing as a Casual Raiding guild and what exactly would that mean? If you’re hitting these zones once or twice a week, exactly how long would it take you to gear up your players to move on to the next tier? On a good nite, up to Master P in SoH will drop 6 exq chests, between the named mobs and the trash.

So, if everything is distributed evenly (which it never is) that would be 1 item for 1 group. So 1 month should get 1 fabled item per raid member if the drop stays consistant (which it doesn’t).

21 slots to fill on a character. Yikes that’ll be a some time. OK but we also hit PR’s up to Doomcoil. Lets say that’s 4 exq drops. So 1 weekend raiding we’re up to 10 exq drops. So, lets do this math, 1 player has 21 slots to be filled. 24 players in a raid. 1 weekend can net 10 drops for a casual raiding guild just starting out. So by my math, it should take a gazillion years for us to be ready to start moving up that raiding ladder.

Wow, that kinda math makes me cranky. But hey, rare means rare :-P. In all reality, I’m sure you don’t need all 21 pieces fabled to start moving up the progression, and IMO the #1 thing has got to be getting the people to join. Also, if people are hitting CoA and some of the other instances they may be able to get a few Fabled drops from there (please note and this is no joke, I’ve had as many Exq drops coming from non-heroic trash mobs in JW and Fens than I have in the instances but, I guess I haven’t put the same kind of time in between the two)

Alright, I gotta work. Happy hunting


2 Responses to “Casual Raiding?”

  1. Sorry to break it to you 😦 Most serious raiders will leave a casual raiding guild as soon as they think they have enough gear to move on, unless they are bound to the guild by friends and so on.

    And then they usually stay only long enough to get their friends geared up enough to leave with them.

    On the other hand, high end guilds demand a lot more of your free time than most people are willing to give, so you find well geared people staying in their casual raid guild. These people generally become bored after awhile and stop playing.

    All the guilds I have been in have had to suffer from churn as people left to move up, unless I was in a top guild, in which case the guild was buffetted by the constant streams of new members who all had to be painfully backflagged.

    T1 is a good tier to be at. Lots of good loot.

  2. Crookshankz Says:

    Ya, I dig what your saying (and boy your quick 🙂

    Realistically speaking, raiding is usually more about hanging out with most of my favorite in game people and listening to the make fun of each other. And that is good times!

    Not to say I wouldn’t mind us moving up in the raiding tiers but that will always comes in second.

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