Top 5 Mobs I Want to Kill

1. Master P’Tasa
2. Master P’Tasa
3. Master P’Tasa
4. Master P’Tasa
5. Master P’Tasa

I hate that guy.

So, last night we do SoH. There’s just two things here worth mentioning. I’m getting better on my DPS and I think I know what my key is. My DPS is sitting roughly above 1k. Which is ok but, not where I want it. My best DPS was sitting around 2.2k. The difference between the two was how soon I ran in to auto attack. When I’m hitting 2.2k I’m running in faster and starting off with melee right away instead of sitting back and casting on it first. My melee on the higher parses are accounting for 55-60% of my total DPS.

Which makes me think I’m doing something wrong. According to the forums it should only account for 33% of my damage. Which if I could keep my melee number’s as high as what it is and boost up my spell damage quite a bit my parses would be totally hubba hubba. Just gotta keep working on gearing up.

Still no Marrow Song drop :-\

The other thing I learned last night, I thought I knew how to play my SK. HA! Boy I was wrong. We had a pimped out Shadow Knight join us last night. ZOMG!! This kid was always in the top 5 and had to throttle himself back from drawing too much aggro. He could hit up towards 5k dps on his top parses and settled down to average roughly 3.5k.

He made me think I should have stuck with my SK but, I’m having too much fun with my troub to consider swapping around and as you read above, I’ve still got alot to figure out.

Happy Hunting!


One Response to “Top 5 Mobs I Want to Kill”

  1. Stargrace Says:

    FINALLY downed Maestro a few nights ago. After downing Trakanon it’s a big deal to me. Some really specific things that have to be done during all the encounters, but it was a blast!

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