This Deserves a Better Caption…

What’s that beaver doing to that snake???
Hit PR last night. Giddy that I got my first fabled peice. The Taleweaver’s Bracer. I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. 3 peices will get me invis group run speed of 38%. Still trying to figure out when the last time I’ve tried to invis my group in a raid or instance (pretty much the only time I run with a full group). 6 peices will get me a 20% increase to power ballad which, maybe I should start singing more.
Oh well, it’s a start though right?

One Response to “This Deserves a Better Caption…”

  1. Stargrace Says:

    Most troubs I know don’t even bother with the set gear any more – that bracer that drops from Sebilis with the 10% extended duration to buffs is where it’s at.

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