Tradeskill Epic


As a Mouse on a Mission, I took Marant from a 77 Jeweler to a 80 Jeweler. Then I decided to start my first ever Tradeskill Epic.

First off, let me explain how difficult it is for me to Tradeskill and that should explain why I consider this a huge accomplishment for me.

I have to come up with a valid reason that I cannot go kill things (at work, no time, ect) with Marant. Then I have to decide there’s no other Alt I can go kill things with. Next, I’ve got to decide I don’t feel like dealing with pricing anything, and that I don’t need or have the money for any new gear. I also have to figure out that I’m happy with the appearance tab.

Next I go and run figure 8’s around the two light posts inbetween the tradeskill area and the bank in North Qeynos. Once I’m tired of that I make at least 2 laps around North Qeynos. Then I stare at my screen for 15 minutes, re-examining all the prior things I’ve ruled out. Finally I’m ready to craft.

And I did that for 80 levels. Ack!!

The Tradeskill epic wasn’t bad at all, though it did take alittle time.

I ran into local celebrity Stargrace. As good Paparazzi here’s my proof.
Apparently, she too was working on her Tradeskill Epic at the same time.

Anyways, another big thanks to my super awesome guildies who made all my items. I couldn’t have done it without them!!

Side Note: I have just realized how semi-annoying it is to be a level 80 tradeskiller. While waiting for people to log in to finish my Epic I was hit up 3 different times by 3 different strangers to make them stuff. First one wanted 2 peices of 60 jewelry, 2nd asked for a lvl 30 item, and the last had “a few” Troubie spells and wouldn’t give me a specific number (in which case I assumed it was alot). First two were done, last one wasn’t. Neither of the first two offered or mentioned any kind of compensatition for my time.

Not sure if I would have accepted money or not but still the thought would have been nice.


One Response to “Tradeskill Epic”

  1. Stargrace Says:

    Congratulations on getting it done!
    I’ve got four 80 crafters now, and I never have anyone asking me for anything…. it’s sort of nice? LOL….


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