Weekend Raiding Recap

This weekend’s raiding took us back into Protector’s Realm Friday night. We handled the first few mobs much better than we did on the prior 2 trips in. We hit Doomcoil fairly early and the smell of success was in the air.

The past two weeks 2 items have been stressed. 1. Getting proper resists 2. No use of any pet’s, swarm pets, diety pets, healing pets, no pets, no pets, no pets.

Basically for those who don’t know. Doomcoil is a big snake, that pops of a huge AE. If the AE kills anything, (including any pets) Doomcoil heals himself for a huge hunk of health.

The good news, I didn’t die once during the fight. I spent a decent amount of time getting a gear set for the resists and creating macro’s for it.

Bad news. Looks like between everyone who could casts a pet, everyone did at least once (even the person who gave the 30 minute lecture after the fight). So needless to say, we all fought again till the end, we took down over double Doomcoil’s Hitpoints, and we still got pwned.

Personally, I blame the fact they call Friday Night Raid’s, Drunken Fridays and think maybe people take the name alittle too seriously. But, there’s always next week.

After we were locked out of Doomcoil, we hit Shard of Hate and cleared out some trash. 1 Master 1 Troubie spell dropped (which I already had) and 1 Fabled legs dropped.

And that was pretty much the excitement there.

Back into Shard of Hate for mass slaughter. Dreadlord didn’t drop Marrow Song :-(. You see on the picture in the prior post that we got 2 nice drops back to back off of trash mobs. Demitrius Crane dropped his off hander (the name escapes me)

And then a guild milestone. Master P kissed my Rat Tail and he got pwned. I was so excited and jumping for joy I forgot to take a screenshot. Let me take a moment to bask in our glory.


Master P’Tasa
Master P’Tasa (known as Master P) lived a short life as an evil mob in the Shard of Hate. His hobbies included drowning kittens and pwning adventurer’s. No known surviving relatives.


We made our way to the Sisters. My face is still recovering from their total pwnage of us. I’ll have to say our 3 attempts each gave vast improvement. First fight, we lasted like 15 seconds, Second 45 seconds. Third, almost a whole minute 🙂 We’ll get there.


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