Fury-ious Perceptions

You know, I’ve been having this itch lately to start a new toon. And I seriously was thinking about deleting my Fury (my only healer) and making a Warden. I had two reasonings for this thought process. A) I like melee, which a Warden is suppose to be alittle more melee oriented. B) The Warden’s epic just looks awesome (Yes, at times I can be shallow like that). So I decided to break out my Fury just to see if I could remind myself why I enjoyed him in the first place.

Yes, the badger is me and I’m thrashing that stupid spider to bits. Solo wise I was pwning that day. Blue, White, Yellow, color meant nothing to me and it was awesome. So, I decided my Fury is definately a keeper.

But, I must say, I’ve been watching my wife on her Fury alot and the trouble she is running into in groups. It seems, at least in the circles we travel, that people think that a Fury is not a first class healer. That just kind of blows my mind. Even people who have seen her heal still always try to find a second healer, “so she can just do DPS”. What is that?

I’ve seen her solo heal, Maiden’s, Chelsith, VoES, and Seb with 0 losses. Yet the same people in those groups, who know’s her might, still would prefer that we find a chain/plate healer so she can either DPS on her fury or bring her Necro. And those are the moves that make you wish there was a button on your computer that you could press and it would send a boxing glove across the internet and punch the other person square in the throat.

It’s those sort of perceptions and attitudes that finally irked me enough to retire my SK. Sad to see that my future my include being irked enough to retire my Fury. And what I think is worse, is that I’m only level 48 and I’m already seeing that in my Fury’s future 😦


2 Responses to “Fury-ious Perceptions”

  1. You can betray your Fury to a Warden, you know. No need to delete it and start over.

  2. Crookshankz Says:

    I’ve thought about it but it boils down to 2 things.

    A. In all actuality, I’m happy with my fury overall. It’s more of other people’s perception that is more disappointing (which is the same reason my SK is benched)

    B. Noone likes an evil Wood Elf. It’s just unnatural.

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