I’m a Total Goob

It’s kind of amazing how you go through a dry spell of not having anything to talk about to having a bunch of stuff you want to say. So, I’m kind of jumping things out of chronological order and writing things down in an order that maes a little more sense.

I guess it all boils down to….I’m a total goob. Which is different than being a total noob. See you can be a noob and a goob, or not a noob but, still a goob. I’m the later. At least at times.

I got invited by a guild, which has a long standing (in a soap opera kind of way) relationship with my guild, to go on a Chamber of Destiny raid. Here are the pro’s to doing this:

A. On a day off (big w00t)
B. Should make me VP flagged
C. Different raid than I’ve ever done, which is always exciting.

So, I jumped at the chance. I double check my gear, buy a few things I think I may need, arrive at 7:45, raid starts at 8. Everyone shows by around 8:10.

I’m not exactly sure where my goob-ness starts, but I think it’s starts with my alliance chat is the same color as my raid chat. And, of course thats because usually everyone I speak with in my alliance are the same people I normally raid with and during raids I don’t worry about alliance because we’re all together. So there may have been some good, important info that I may have missed.

Like the fact that instead of them using the handy, dandy built in voice chat program, they still use vent. So, there I was…sitting in the channel labeled thinking wow, these guys are such pro’s that they don’t even talk to each other.

I even went as far to ask which channel they were chatting in. I was told a special channel which I log into. **Crickets**

But then, 1 mob before the Leviathon someone asks…”Did you get that Marant”. Uhhhh…get what? “What he just said”. (This is the point where my total goobness starts to shine on me) No, one is in, I even logged into the channel you told me for chat. No, no, that was typing chat channel. Voice is vent.

So, by the time I log into vent, we’re on Leviaton and this is what I hear “Ok, groups 1 and 3 on these rocks and 2 and 4 on those rocks.” I’m sure he said more before, I logged in and a professional would have been like “Wait up, repeat that, first time through” But again…I’m being goob so that thought never crossed my mind. Looking at the pool with Leviaton, there are rocks all around them and none are labeled these and those so I’m feeling screwed.

I ask the group and I’m told to swim through the Leviaton and stand on those rocks. But then, to have my heat resists to 17k and numerous other things that made me get a small case of heartburn.

OK. How bout I just follow my group? Winner idea. So the rush begins and the person I’m following bonzia’s right into the pool. So, I bonzia right into the pool as well but, when I’m there…uh…noone else is. OK I know I was the second person that jumped into the pool so that means at least 4 more people should be jumping in behind me.


ZOMG, they were messing with me and I can see quite a few people on the rocks behind me. BACK UP, BACK UP. I think I died right on top of the rock I backed up on. Think it was the one with the main tank on it. So, someone throws me a rez and someone in my group says “Marant your on the wrong rock”. Hmmm there’s a rock immediately to right. So I hop over to the rock on my right, where I die again.


I get revived again and say eff it and finally swim through the stupid worm and TA-DA!!!! There my group is. They were mentioning something about the mob casting a reflection on spells so I stuck with my melee and just cast out alot of Jester’s Cap on people to be safe.

The mob went down, we didn’t wipe, but I felt like a horrible goob 😦


2 Responses to “I’m a Total Goob”

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  2. […] think this posting was the closest thing to an anecdote I ever wrote. It’s fairly lengthy for this format but, if […]

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