Rainy Days

When I’m in a situation where I’m on a level 80 toon and grouping is not a viable options, and I really don’t feel like working on Tradeskills here are two things I work on.

1. Heritage Quests. I open my completed journal list and check my Heritage Quests. Then I open EQ2 Wikia and pull up their HQ list. Start at the lowest level one I have yet to complete and just start to go. It’s amazing how easy it is at level 80. And the quest takes about 1/5 of the time.

I think An Eye for Power gave roughly 15% AA and the status points were nice. Also, if you had to go AFK in the middle of the quest you don’t have to worry about getting totally pwned while your using the bathroom 🙂

2. Work on those AQ’s that you skipped because all that work didn’t justify those crappy stats. Well the stats have improved but, I don’t think I’d do them for actual gear to wear unless I was just starting the game, didn’t have higher level characters to harvest rares for MC gear, or just didn’t have the money.

However the AQ’s usually give a unique appearance of gear and actually give out good XP and AA for the level. At 80 I ran and did them strictly for the AA and the appearnace. Maybe it took an hour and half to do. And maybe I got half an AA out of it at 80.

I thought I’d link the peices so you can see the stat’s they give now a days.

I’m missing a piece here but I’m sure you get the idea.


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