Song Sung Blue

I’m not sure when I turned into such a Negative Nancy but, I’m definately feeling that way.

This time it’s about trying to gear up my Troubie. I guess I just run in different circles than Stargrace because, I get invited quite a bit to groups with my Troub. I feel, well, wanted.

On a good day off I can hit 3-5 instances and on my work nites I can usually pull in 1 or 2 if time permits. (All zones except RE2. I can’t seem to find a RE2 group for nothing)

So, I’ve been hitting instances fairly hard core for some time and to be quite honest, I’m over it. Drops I’m seeing just offer no bard love. In fact, I’m not seeing anything remotely that I want. I haven’t rolled need for anything in the past month easy and the last week or two I’ve even stopped rolling greed because, nothing, and I mean nothing decent has dropped for me at all.

If you look at my gear, the nice peices I have were either, given to me or bought. Same with the few master’s I have. If I roll through Seb one more time I’m gonna puke. Same with CoA, and VoES. Maidens is hit or miss and Chelsith is just a PITA. I’m tired of them and what I am I going for? So I can be disguisted for another Guardian, Pally or Brigand Master 1 spell?

How about some great plate, or cloth gear? I’d say 90% of the chain drops definately aren’t meant for a bard and the other 10% that I could see being semi useful are either still crap or lost on a roll.

So, it boils down to what am I wasting my time for? I know a lot of people (maybe even most people) find this the best part of the game trying to gear up your toon but, man I just find it frustrating as ….well..very frustrating.

Maybe that’s why people are inviting me to groups because they know that’s items for one class they don’t have to worry about dropping. You add my wife and if she’s on her healer only caster gear drops and if she’s on her caster only healer items drop.

So if you get me on my Troub and her on her healer in a group with a tank and the rest casters those people are get a freakin field day of goodies.

Raids have been going the same way. 2 M1 drops (one I bought already and the other I lost on a roll). Then maybe 3 other drops I could have used. 1. were the bracers I got due to being the only bard when they dropped. 2nd were pants that aren’t really meant for me so I didn’t bid for on them so someone who’d actually use them would get them. And that offhander that Demitrious Crane drops which I almost bid on but then the first bid was 30dkp (this is another blog) and it that’s what it sold for.

Maybe I’m having just a long string of bad luck. Sure that happens….right? Maybe some day soon, it’ll be raining some Troubie love in buckets. *Sigh*


2 Responses to “Song Sung Blue”

  1. Troubs rock. Once people understand how troubs work, they appreciate us more. This weekend, the MA for my RE2 group had never grouped with one before and the only thing she knew was that troubs were useless for melee. Well, she was wrong there, but that’s the perception, that we’re for casters and dirges are for melee.

    I’ve been to RE2 three times. I got the bard cloak my second time in :/ I don’t look for groups very often because I am usually busy with everything else to do in the game.

    TSO should have more of the smart master drops, so I hope we will all get more of our masters with the expansion.

  2. Crookshankz Says:

    Troubs do rock and roll! I think I’m going to start leveling more alts and hanging out untill the next expansion comes out and then see how it goes from there.

    I’ll give you a bit to settle into Najena then I’ll have to start harrassing you 😛

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