I Kill Me!

What did this griffon have for breakfast?

Last week, I had an itch I just had to scratch. I really felt the need to make a new toon the other day. After looking at all of my alts, Crookshankz, my 32 Wizzy, 55 Sage, but only 16 AA’s found his head on the chopping block. I hated doing it to such a high level crafter since I’m not a big fan of crafting so really getting a toon past a 40 artisan is a big accomplishment for me.

But, in the end, it was decided, Crookshankz must die.

With that said Crookshankz the Zerker was born. The decision was made based on a few facts.
1. It even’s my toons out alittle more (2 Fighters, 2 Scouts, 2 Casters, 1 Healer)
2. My guild has a bunch of high level tanks but, only one of them actually will tank instances with any regularity.
3. A Zerker won’t have quite as many people let out a sigh when I offer to tank it as my SK did.
4. Gearing up should be much simpler as more items offer proper stats for him.

So, Crookshankz was reborn in Qeynos. At level 2 he left the battle in Queen’s Colony and made his way to the new land of Gorowyn.

I did all the Gorowyn quests and while I was there killed a bunch of the void storm beasts and got me some spiffy new appearance armor and cape. I believe he finished the Gorowyn Quest line right around 20 or 21.

From there he hit Stormhold, Fallen Gate and Crushbone. I’ve pretty much stayed in instances and I’m kind of amazed that my quest journal is pretty bare. However he’s now 31 with 27 AA’s. Not too shabby for how considerably low his completed quests are.

Even though I have his Mastercrafted armor, the wife wanted to do the Armor quest for her Illy. Of course, I helped and got Crook his as well. I was reminded by doing these, how poor the AQ armor compares to MC armor which is crazy because to duo the armor quest, you really need to be 28.

So let me get this straight. Normally, players would start the AQ at 20, but unless they are able to find 4-5 players they won’t finish it untill they are level 28? So, they get a good 5 levels of use out of it and even though AQ armor is nice looking armor, it’s stats are fairly crappy comparing them to MC gear.

Everquest not Evercraft, someone needs to remember that. Which makes me think of the equation for my next post: (Risk vs. Reward) vs. Time


One Response to “I Kill Me!”

  1. Stargrace Says:

    The MC armor is not as nice as some of the new dropped armor that was revamped with the +heals +spell dmg and +CA etc on it, keep that in mind and realize that MC is a choice – there’s plenty of other options out there, just have to devote some time into looking for them.

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