The Human Torch Said…FLAME ON!!!

Here’s a continuation of my Negative Nancy series….

The downside of not going to the forums due to the large amount of flamers and whiners, is I miss out on being “in the loop”. So, today, as I was researching this blog (ack! I researched something), I found my stance on my blog completely cut off at the legs.

I was wanting to revisit the Living Legacy program and a comment that Grimwell made early on about it.

Basically, in a nutshell, returning players received a bit of swag from the Living Legacy promotion. Someone summed it up like this in the forums….

They got 60 free days.
They got a free expansion.
They got Retro-Active Veteran Rewards.
They got in-game exclusive items.
They got a future discount on the next expansion.

So, returning players get a bunch of neat-o stuff. Alrighty, at first I was feeling like a second class subscriber. But then, when all this hub-bub was going on, Grim dropped what I was hoping was a gem on Page 5 of this monster thread.

“Plus, the summer is not over… so perhaps before it’s over you’ll know more than the Day One news.”

Okies that was good enough for me. Why get my panties in a bunch and the summer is long. Hey, and what am I doing wearing panties in the first place!

So, I revisit the subject today. My plan was to mention, hey the summer is starting to end where’s my swag and page 42 is stating (also from Grim)…

Because we like the idea of more customers. Period.

You can be as sour and negative about it as you want, but the short and dry of this is that the Living Legacy was designed with two basic goals in mind:
1. To get people who gave us a shot in the past to give us a second look. We think the games are in great condition, and hope that we will acquire a few new friends in the process. Why? Well, for one it means more revenue; and for the other because we think the games are worth playing.
2. To reward our existing customers with more live events and free content in the coming months of updates. A portion of the budget for the LL promotion funded some of the work you are about to see as the next few updates roll out. Lacking the promotions, the updates would have a smaller budget and less content for you, the existing subscriber.

I know that some of you folks would rather split hairs over free expansions, and exclusive shineys… and I understand where you are coming from. That said, beating me over the head with it while I’m trying to be honest about it all really won’t help.

ZOMG! The panties are back on and bunched straight up my crack. Let me preface this on, I know this isn’t Grimwell’s fault. Someone gave him a bunch of lemons and told him to dance. I’m sure that’s the truth of it.

However, who ever did make that decision….ugh makes more money than me which chaps my hide. Anyways. DUDE…or maybe DUDETTE!! What are you thinking here.

So basically, dear SOE. What your telling me. Is that you’re going to give, PEOPLE WHO LEFT YOU WHEN YOU NEEDED SUBSCRIBERS, some swag and the PEOPLE WHO HAS BEEN TRUE TO YOU THE WHOLE TIME are getting jack.

We get content. The same content as existing players but, hey it’s new.

We got RE2, that’s great if you have groups of specific builds. NEAT!
We get Guild Halls…soon. Sure, it was on the original EQ2 box as a feature…but here it is years later and we’re going to get it. All thanks to Living Legacy. w00t!
You know that goob that use to gank the named you were camping…well he left for WoW to torture their players…but, we’re getting him back! GREAT!!!

Jeez! I’m way excited about those things, my nips are all pointy!! Ok, hey, if you can’t give us a free expansion (which is understandable mostly due because I already bought it). But, you can give me a discount on the next one.

Really, if you can’t make the minimal effort to give me a new house item, a funky piece of armor gear, and a suffix like “the Awesome” or some garbage like that to even attempt to appease the existing player base then…..

Someone..explain this thought process. Maybe the caffeine isn’t kicking in. Maybe this is their idea of making money.

STEP 1. Give canceled players a bunch of stuff
STEP 2. Alienate existing players.
STEP 3. Make new content for all players and hopefully get even more new players.
STEP 4. Alienated existing players quit game
STEP 5. Canceled players cancel yet again after free time is over.
STEP 6. All the players not currently playing EQ2 are now available to play Free Realms.

Is that how it goes? I’d love…LOVE to see subscription numbers before and after this promotion. I’d love to see how wrong I am. The sad thing is, I doubt I am.

The worst part is, SOE will just say “well we tried to actually advertise and promote EQ2 and it’s just not worth the money we spent” instead of saying “GAH, we goobered up this promotion and need to do it again and include ALL players and not just include returning players”

Or better yet, how about just giving existing players a stupid suffix “UBERCOOL” or a freaking stuffed “Lady Vox” for my apartment. How hard would that be to shut me up and make me feel semi valued.

It’s ok to try to regain what you’ve lost but jeez man…appreciate what you’ve got. And if I’m wrong…someone, please chime in and make me see the light.

Wonder if I’m getting burnt out. Okies…happy hunting everyone. Time to take my unappreciated tail to Norrath and level another toon…..again.

/flame off


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