Time is…uh…Time

I’ve been mulling how to approach this topic since I mentioned it the other day. I’m trying hard to find a way to put it where I don’t sound like too much of a whiner. I’m sure though, no matter how hard I try, I’m still going to whine. So, in typical Crookshankz fashion, let me just jump right in.

First off, when I read about items and how to obtain them I usually see a phrase “Risk vs. Reward”. I’ve been thinking alot about that phrase lately trying my best to define it. Reward, I understand. That’s the end item. Risk…what exactly is risk. At 80 you really don’t worry too much about death debt. Some encounters and zones are PITA’s just due to the group build you need. But, in the end they’re doable and usually with a little practice, it turns out to be fairly easy (with a few exceptions).

In the end I think Risk is the wrong word. It should be “Time vs. Reward” What is your time worth to you? How many instances do you feel you should have to run in order to gear up your toon? I know that answer is going to vary depending on the player. I know some people who consider that the best part of the game and love hitting the same instances over and over and over again to do it.

No matter how hard I try, I just can’t get into it. At some point it starts getting extremely repetitious. It seems like I am hitting roughly 25 days of game play leveling my toons up to 80. (I do feel like now I could shave a few days off that average). During those days I hit countless zones and instances. Gearwize, for the most bang for your buck, you are stuck with Master Crafted gear for the best gear to get for the level.

Once you hit 80, you start to out grow the Master Crafted gear, and get the majority of your gear through hitting instances. Right now, there are CoA, VoES, Maidens, Chelsith, RE2 and CoK so 6 instances and 2 contested dungeons to try to gear your toon up. (Also, there are a few quests for decent fabled items but, to my knowledge no more than 5)

So at 80, I find myself running through these instances over and over and over again, trying to find gear and Master spells. Master spells seem like a joke. I’m estimating out of the M1 drops I’ve seen 2/3 have been either Pally, Guardian or Brigand spells. 1 has been something I can use and the others are various other drops for completely random classes (none my wife or myself could use for alts).

Gear upgrades have been far and in between. As I stated in an earlier post, my gear is made up mostly of quest items, bought, and given/traded items. And really it’s getting fairly frustrating. I’ve got a fairly impressive few boxes of resist items from what would otherwise would have been throw away items.

And that leads me to wonder, what exactly is my time worth to me in Norrath. Why am I running these instances over and over for…well for nothing. It’s fun for a while but jeez it looses its shine after a while. It really puts you in the middle of a dilemma.

There are quests and zones I want to do, but, I can’t do them till my raid force and myself gear up which I can’t do unless I keep running these stupid instances, which I’m sick of.

Maybe it just boils down to I’m not an end game kind of person. Hopefully, if they work LDoN’s right and the fact I’ll have more choices for instances that Shadow Odyssey will get me out of that funk. I can only hope, right?

I’ve already started spending less and less time in game and didn’t even feel like raiding last night. Not really feeling like raiding tonight. I think I’ll be spending my time in Norrath with lowbie alts, and the rest of my time trying a few single player games.

Last night, we had a family movie night which was fun and will probably start doing a few more family events opposed to family EQ2 night.

Also, after much research I’ve decided to give Warhammer a try. I think it’s funny how the people I’ve read that have played it, even the one’s who have tried to talk bad about it, all admit that the game is alot of fun. And I like fun. So don’t be surprised if you start noticing more blogs on Warhammer and start seeing some War links on the right.

I’ll keep you posted as I go.


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