Not Much Going On

Been tinkering around with the site some. You may be able to tell. Got rid of a few things, put a few things up. I really should set some time aside to completely customize the site but, I’m not sure if I have that much ambition.

Gaming wise still nothing really to report. I’ve logged into EQ2 just enough to let the new update patch. But, didn’t actually log into the game.

I’m on Chapter 3 of The Witcher. It’s fairly entertaining. I’ve gotten the hang of the controls but, they are still kind of cumbersome. But, the story line is good so, it’s a bit of a trade off.

Still anxiously awaiting being able to log into WAR. That’s coming soon. Still reading up on it a fair bit. I think I figured out my character creation and the order I’ll be making it.

1. Warrior Priest
2. Shadow Warrior
3. Bright Wizard

I haven’t even started researching evil classes however, they probably are somewhat mirror images like a EQ2 I’m guessing. We’ll see how it goes. I can’t wait.

I’ve even been geeky enough to break out a WAR book I had laying around the house and started reading on that.

And other than that, I’ve been banging on my uke. I’m an exciting guy, what can I say?


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