Less Than 24 Hours

The good news, I guess, is that my WAR patcher has changed from a very ordinary dialogue box to this:

Which is much more fancy. I do feel the need to emphasise at this point, that I AM NOT randomly trying to log in since last night because, that…my friend…would be just sad. I have an active life and I definately wouldn’t put that on hold to keep trying to play a video game (someone hold me)

I have though, been clearing out my hard drive, making sure I’ve got plenty of room. Trying to match toon classes with toon names, and I put p a vent server for a few friends to yap to each other. Again…I assure you…no obsession here.

It’s going to have to wait until tomorrow anyways. I know people planning to log in at midnight tonight and start going crazy. But, some people (me, YIKES) have to wake up early and work. And then Monday is my long day. Leaving at 6 am to go to work and then I’ve starting a college class that let’s out at 8pm. So I’ve got a busy day.

My first day of spending quality time with WAR is going to be Tuesday, and that also depends on my buddy Hurricane Ike. Depending when/if he hits it could be even later, although it looks like I could be safe.

So, tonight, I guess I’m going to kick back. The wife mentiioned something about raiding in EQ2. I’ll probably do that, if anything to hang out with her. And then tomorrow, will be Christmas Morning and I’ll get to play with my new toy!!!


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