I have taken the past week to try to get to know Warhammer a bit before I start writing on a topic I’m only semi familiar with. With that said, a week in and I’m still learning new things about the game every day. With each pet peeve bug I find, that bug usually is gone by the next day. The folks at Mythic are working at an amazing pace which I’m unaccustomed too and really I wonder how much longer they can continue.

I’ve also been trying to think of how I can compare this game to EQ2. And I honestly have come to the conclusion that it’s like trying to compare Asteroids to Defender. They’re both Arcade Style space ship games and the similarities kind of end there.

Well, I guess you can say the questing is similar. And questing is questing right? There’s story lines ranging from average to great, go kill stuff or find a lost item, etc and hand it in. Hard to mess that part up.

I’m not that familiar with crafting. I’ve done cultivating, which reminds me a bit of Tailoring in EQ1 with a little more thrown in. With cultivating you get a little plot of soil which is in your Abilities list, once you choose Cultivating as your tradeskill. You click on that, it opens up a small window where you add a seed and a timer starts counting down. At intervals you can add soil, water and fertilizer and that is suppose to add to the results of the plant. After it’s done you click on a harvest button.

Down Side: Really basic and not challenging.
Up Side: You can do it while adventuring (or at least cultivating)

Both Cultivating and Salvaging are done by mob drops. There’s no real hunting around for nodes at all.

Every time you level you purchase spells, you don’t get any automatically. Also, there are no such thing as spell upgrades such as Apprentice 4, Adept 1 and such.

With that said there are also something called Mastery. At level 11 you start gaining Mastery points. Mastery seems to be broken down into 3 path’s. Each path contains (what looks like) 6 spells. By adding points to a path, it makes those 6 spells hit harder, heal better or whatever those spells may do.

There’s nothing really like this in EQ2 at all. Basically for PvP, you gain Renown. X amount of renown gives you Renown points. Renown points gives you stat upgrades that you can point such as +1 to Intelligence, or +1 to Willpower. Also, renown points gives you the ability to buy gear from a Renown Merchant which is some of the better gear in the game.

Public quests, well you’ve heard a ton about already. Basically, your be-boppin along and you see in big bold letters saying, YOU HAVE ENTERED A PUBLIC QUEST AREA, and in the upper right hand corner of your screen you’ll see the current objective and a timer. PQ’s, so far, have been broken into 3 sections. Kill X amount of easy mobs, kill X amount of harder mobs, then kill one really hard mob. These are fun as long as there are enough people doing them.

Basically, when the hard mob is dead, a box pulls up listing bonus for contribution. The more you help to finish the quest, the higher your bonus is. Then everyone rolls and the bonus get’s added. In the earlier Public Quest’s the top 6 rolls get “Loot Bags”.

Warhammer color codes it’s items. So, Gold? is the best, Green, and White are the colors I’ve seen so far. When you loot your bag and right click it, it gives you a list of different items. You select the one you want.

I really like this loot system. Contribution makes a difference but, it doesn’t necessarily ensure winning a bag. And doing a PQ with 7 people guarantee’s most people with something.

Also, in doing PQ’s you gain Influence. When your Influence is high enough you can get limited free gear upgrades.

You need to understand this. When I first started playing EQ1, I tried PvP for about 10 minutes. I hated it, and even in my year and a half in Guild Wars I never attempted PvP again. Until now. And I absolutely love it. It’s not PvP EQ1, it’s more PvP Counterstrike.

You can loot someones body but, the drops are not any of their personal effects, there no death penalty. With the Renown system, the only thing you can do is benefit from PvP.

The biggest challenge I had with PvP was to get over my fears and let go into the battle. Once I did that, I’ve turned into a lean mean killing machine. Well, depending on the fight. Sometimes, I’m a lean, mean, dying machine and I’m still laughing all the way.

I also want to say, I’ve Epic Mobs in EQ2 and came away feeling satisfied and a job well done. But, you rally your team to take a control point, or play a key roll in ending a push and my friend, you feel like a KING.

A really nice touch in the game is all the titles it assigns you. You almost get a title for everything. Click on yourself 100 times and you get the title “Ouch My Eye” Click on yourself 100 more times and you get “Ouch My Other Eye” Being killed by a Squig Herder gets yourself the title “Squig Bait” Some of the other titles I’ve received have been: The Green, The Wise, The Zapped, The Ravaged, The Sacrificed, and Run Away.

Usually you get them at times that make you smile 🙂

Combat Animations:
When I first started playing the game I thought the combat animations were very weak. The real issue is that leveling is slower than it is in some of the other games I’ve played. So at level one, let’s say you get 2 spells. Your stuck with 2 animations untill you hit level 2 and then you only get 1 more spell. Well, it’s kind of like that. Once you hit level 7 or so, you’ll forget you had an issue with combat animations all together.

I’ve been having a bit of lag lately but, I log into EQ2 and find I’m having huge lag issues there too. I think there is something going on in my computer. Example: Ouch, I’m getting lag in WAR. Log into EQ2 and I’m getting 6 Fps. Defrag, and run Ad-ware. Now I’m hitting 55 Fps in SQ. Log into WAR and go do PvP with 49 other people in a contested area, without a bit of lag.

Bugs. Ya. There’s bugs. But, from my understanding, that’s to be expected. I can tell you though that the bugs that you may find people complain about are way different than the bugs that are there now. This morning while I was playing the only bug I found was on inclines mobs going into the stairs and not letting me attack them while they beat on me.

The bad pathing you may have read on other blogs or mobs resetting have all been fixed. Again, this is beta still and the guys over at Mythic seem to be busting their hump.

Personally, I am finding myself lovin on the game quite a bit however, I can see where it won’t be a game for everyone. If you enjoy spending your time crafting, or decorating your house or harvesting nodes honestly, I don’t think the game would be for you.

Still with my highest toon only level 11, I’m hardly an expert on it. But, I’m having a great time and definitely happy I gave it a shot. Any questions about it feel free to let me know.


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