Decisions ’08

I have different feelings than some of the other bloggers when it comes to class balancing. The issue is more of people taking their level 1 into RvR instances and expecting to do well. Even with the game boost to level 8, with 2 or 3 spells and low level armor you’ll never compete with a level 10.

If you are going into RvR you either have to have a range dps, get in and get out, or expect to die alot. (really, I expect to die alot regardless 🙂 I feel the exception there is Witch Elves who seem no matter what level they are, is hard to take down and they put out a massive amount of damage. 2 level 1 Witch Elves. that know what they’re doing and working together = mucho trouble.

With that said, and Warhammer less that 24 hours away from letting me in, I still am not sure what class I want to make my main. Open beta, I played about 5 classes up to level 8 or above and loved every single one of them.

My initial plan was to have my Warrior Priest as my main.

He’s rough, tough and rugged. A lot of fun to play. He is what is called a Front Line Healer. The more Melee damage he causes the more (and better) he can heal. If you sit and spam heals without doing damage his heals will grey out. They do seem to be very popular and on the server I was playing on, in open beta they seemed to be everywhere.

I also really enjoyed the White Lion, Shadow Warrior and Bright Wizard a lot. I was initially planning to run with those 4 toons and to see what happens from there. Then on the last day of Open Beta, my server went down.

Well bump that, I had to play! So I made a Witch Hunter, a class I had little experience with.

I really didn’t care for him at first. For a melee dps he seemed to have a lot of ranged attacks. By the time I hit level 5 though, this guy was a maniac. I was smiting things left and right and laughing all the way!

He’s got a few cool combat animations. One is where he’ll flip his gun around and pistol whip a mob. The other…I think he’s dumping out his gunpowder on the mob and setting it on fire. He’s now a top contender for being my main.

I’ll probably do like I did in EQ2 and just make a bunch of toons and mains will come naturally.

I think though, my first actions will be to make characters to match the names I want. I already have a hand full of recycled names I plan on using. I have no idea what name I want for my Witch Hunter, nor my White Lion. If you have any ideas (that’s not VanHelsing or Ipwnu) let me know.

Even though, I’m sure if this happened people would be blogging about it already. But, I was having high hopes that they’d have a better Character Creation Customizing at launch. That was probably one of the weaker aspects of the game.

Happy Hunting!


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